What is the autumn digging of the site for?

What is the autumn digging of the site for?

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Some summer residents believe that autumn digging of the site is not necessary at all, and refrain from this process. But we are just convinced that digging the land in the fall is necessary, and now we will tell you why we think so.

Autumn digging of the soil is carried out after harvesting and garbage removal from the site. When the soil is completely cleaned of tops and other plant residues, you can safely proceed to the process.

Why autumn digging is needed

Weed harvesting

During the digging of the soil, you can quite qualitatively clean the soil from weeds. Deep development will help to remove the rhizomes of perennials that have been spoiling your nerves for several years, and are going to do it for more than one year. Rhizomes can be looked out and selected, dumped on a pile, dried and burned.

In addition, annual weeds, whose seeds often freeze in the developed soil in winter, are perfectly destroyed by this process, which means that in the spring they will not germinate on the site.

It will not be possible to remove all weeds in this way, but it is quite realistic to significantly reduce their number.

Improving water and air conditions

Autumn digging of a summer cottage seriously improves indicators of water and air regimes of the soil. Due to this, in the spring the soil will ripen much earlier, it is only worth a little work in the fall.

Elimination of diseases and pests

Viruses that have settled in the soil feel quite well in compacted whole soil, but if you deploy it well, most of the pathogenic flora can die in the winter frost, since unbroken pieces of the dug up soil will freeze with the first drop in temperature. Naturally, frost alone will not save you from all soil diseases, and additional disinfection will also be required, but at least you will ease your work seriously.

Digging a garden or a garden will help you get rid of many pests. You can always choose adult representatives of this class and their larvae by hand, and small insect pests will also die in the cold already at the next temperature drop.

Digging fertilizer

Autumn soil fertilizer has a very good effect on many plants. A large number of them even require autumn fertilizer, and perhaps this only becomes due to digging the soil, due to which fertilizers mix well with the soil and transfer nutrients to it.

Organic fertilizers, such as manure and compost, perfectly cross over in inverted soil. At the same time, you can make some mineral fertilizers, as well as carry out the process of liming the soil.

Natural influence

The beds without digging will be able to show good results, but only for some crops. Basically, plants prefer loose soil with good aeration, disinfected and well-fertilized.

Due to natural conditions, the dug up earth will freeze much deeper, which means it will become cleaner. In addition, you will provide a certain layer with improved absorption, both autumn and spring precipitation, even during melting snow.

Do not forget that a looser earth will enable almost every root system to grow normally in the soil, move in the right direction for nutrients and water.

Spring Labor Relief

If you dig a garden in the spring, you will never achieve the result that with the autumn work. Moreover, in the spring it will always be much more pleasant to start planting plants right away, only after a light cultivation of the plot with a rake than to take a shovel and dig, dig, dig ...

Permanent digging is useful for both heavy soils and chernozem soils, where the arable layer needs to be deepened by 25-30 cm annually.

How to choose a tool for digging the earth

It will not be difficult, because each of us has already worked in the garden with special devices.

Digging shovel

A strong and sharp bayonet shovel is perfect for a process during which you will not only enable the soil of the garden or garden to become more healthy and fertile, but also warm up a little. How to dig on the site, we have already said before, and therefore, you can borrow the right technique from that material.

Digging pitchfork

You can also use pitchforks for autumn digging of the soil, especially since it is very convenient for them to remove large earthen clods from a single layer. The technique of digging is practically no different from digging with a shovel, however, there are some nuances that you will immediately notice during the process.

Digging a plot with a cultivator

Well, here everything will be much easier, and faster, because digging the ground with a walk-behind tractor or digging the ground with a cultivator, this is not for you to wave a shovel. The process goes much faster and much more evenly, especially since the next morning you will not feel serious strength, as after working with a shovel or pitchfork. The only thing is that you have to spend a little money on fuel, but this is not such a serious expense.

When choosing a tool for digging land in the country, focus on the amount of work and requirements, it will be much more correct. When digging in the fall, do not break earthen clods, but simply turn them over.

How to facilitate your work on the autumn digging site

Autumn digging of a garden or a garden, It is always done very carefully, especially if there are young trees and shrubs nearby. You must be very careful not to cripple the plants you are trying to help become stronger and more fertile.

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