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Ferns in a summer cottage

Ferns in a summer cottage

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The other day I saw a story where praised the use of ferns on the shaded areas of the site. I was delighted, because we just have such a problem corner in our country house - which weeds have been growing for a year. However, I came across a complete rejection of this idea by my wife, says ferns are not good! The voice of reason is not heard to her, maybe you, friends, will speak out “for” or “against” ferns in the country? Who knows or heard what, please resolve our dispute.


Yes, do not bother you so much. Ferns are very beautiful, but rather capricious. They should not be planted in an open area. Accustomed to a lack of light, they poorly tolerate direct sunlight, stop growing, and the leaves become yellowish. In gardens, the most common are breeders are struptiopteris, or the common ostrich, “ostrich feather”. They are best planted in small groups.

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