Florist's calendar for December 2019: transplant, planting, care

The florist's lunar calendar for December 2019 will help to grow a luxurious home garden, orienting on favorable dates for working with plants. It is convenient for watering, feeding and planting along it, following the natural phases of crop development.

In December, the seeds of some crops are already beginning to stratify

Lunar calendar for December 2019 for florists

The beginning of winter for enthusiastic lovers also takes place in worries. Main activities:

  • care for indoor crops;
  • sowing perennials;
  • picking and transplanting sprouted shoots;
  • setting of seeds for stratification.

If actions are performed according to the lunar calendar, the possibility of obtaining harmonious, powerful plants with many buds increases.

Moon phases in december

The lunar movement in the firmament evokes a response in the development processes of any creatures on Earth, including plants. This knowledge, which has long been used in agriculture, has been expanded by data on the joint influence of the planet's satellite and the signs of the zodiac:

  • the month begins at the end of the first phase, favorable for crops;
  • the sign of Aquarius in the first 2.5-3 days warns that it is better to postpone work;
  • a good time according to the calendar for sowing before the 11th, although it is better to wait with a pick;
  • full moon - 12.12;
  • the third phase of the full moon lasts until the 19th;
  • the moon decreases until 8 o'clock on the 26th, when the new moon begins and a solar eclipse occurs.

Important! 3-5 days from the new moon is considered the best calendar time for moving indoor crops.

Table of favorable and unfavorable days

The periods are calculated by astrologers, taking into account the movement of the satellite of the planet in phases and zodiacal signs.




Sowing and transplanting

from 10:00, 03.12 to 16:00, 11.12

from 17:10, 13.12 to 15.12

from 10:00, 17.12 to 24.12

from 12:00, 27.12 to 9:00, 28.12


from 01.12 to 09:59, 03.12

from 15:30 11.12 to 16:59, 13.12

from 15.12 to 11:00, 17.12

24-26 to 11:57, 27.12

from 8:58, 28.12 to 31.12


03.12 to 06.12

from 06.12 to 10:30, 08.12

from 15.12 to 16:00 21.12

from 11:03, 27.12 to the evening of 31.12

from 15:00 on 11.12 to 17:00, 13.12

25-26 before lunch 27.12

from 8:00, 28.12 to 31.12

Watering, feeding

03.12 to 06.12

from 17:00, 13.12 to 15.12

from 16:00, 21.12 to 24.12

from 12:00, 27.12 to 8:00, 28.12


from 01.12 to 09:55, 03.12

from 15:00 11.12 to 16:45, 13.12

from 15.12 to 16:00, 21.12

24-25-26 until 12:00, 27.12

from 8:00, 28.12 to 31.12

Pest control

from 05:00, 11.12 to 15:00, 11.12

from 17:00, 13.12 to 15.12

from 15.12 to 25.12; 31.12

from 15:00, 11.12 to 17:00, 13.12

25-26 before lunch 27.12

Warning! Transplanting plants on a waning moon is undesirable due to the fact that damaged roots are poorly restored.

December calendar: indoor flowers and plants

In winter, additional concerns appear:

  • supplementary lighting;
  • air humidification.

Watering and feeding, carried out according to the calendar, will give a new impetus to the development of decorative deciduous and flowering crops.

Planting calendar of houseplants and flowers for December

Guided by the table of the lunar calendar, sowing is carried out:

  • pelargonium;
  • begonias;
  • primrose;
  • calceolaria.

The seeds are sown in productive signs, referring to the calendar in December:

  • Pisces - 3-5;
  • Taurus - 8-10
  • Cancer - 14-15;
  • Virgo - 17-19;
  • Libra - 19-21;
  • Scorpio - 21-23;
  • Capricorn - 27.

By summer, growers get a real garden on the windowsills.

Florists sow lobelia with a long development cycle of 80 days

When can you transplant home flowers in December

In winter, only forced planting is carried out - after a purchase or some kind of trouble with the soil, capacity. The most successful days for a transplant:

  • 3, 4, 5 - the moon in the sign of Pisces is growing;
  • 17, 18, 19 - the third phase, under the auspices of the Virgin;
  • the second half of the 27th is successful for the beginning of forcing bulbous - the third day of the lunar month, under the influence of Capricorn.

Growing and grooming tips

In case of a forced transplant, a new pot, 2 cm wider than the previous one, is disinfected, drainage, substrate is placed and the plant is installed:

  • first, the root ball is shaken off the soil, the rotten processes are removed;
  • the roots are straightened in the container and covered with a substrate;
  • leave 2 cm to the top of the container;
  • water the soil or moisten through the pan.

The first week the plants are sprayed with warm water, sometimes a transparent bag is placed on top.

Zygocactus, primroses, azaleas, Kalanchoe, cyclamen, spathiphyllum, anthurium blooming in winter are fertilized after 12-14 days. Top dressing is best done closer to the full moon, and pest control after.

If the plant has not been watered for a long time, the container is immersed in a large container of water so that the soil is saturated with moisture. Excess water is poured from the pan. Violets are placed on pallets with damp pebbles.

Florist's calendar for December 2019: perennials

Slow growing verbena, calceolaria, pelargonium, lobelia, echinacea, begonia, petunia, Shabo carnation, primroses begin to sow in December on the dates suitable for the calendar. Small seeds are laid out on the surface and slightly pressed, a film is pulled from above. The substrate is moistened with a spray bottle.

In December, on good sowing dates, the stratification of evening primrose, helenium, aquilegia, ornamental onion, strawberry, bellflower, delphinium, saxifrage, eustoma, and gentian seeds begins. Seeds are scattered over the substrate, lightly sprinkled with sand and moistened. They are placed in the refrigerator for 3 months or taken out under the snow, installing protection on top. The container is sometimes taken out of the refrigerator and ventilated, shoots may appear.

Days favorable for rest

In December, the florist's calendar gives several days when it is not recommended to deal with plants. These are the numbers 1 and 2, 13, 15 and 16, 26-30, except for 27. On these dates, they buy seeds, inventory, study the novelties of garden stores.


The florist's lunar calendar for December 2019 is a valuable tip for those who want to grow healthy and beautiful plants. Perennials begin to propagate at the beginning of winter, using specific methods of sowing and care.

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