How much to soak milk mushrooms before salting in a cold and hot way

It is imperative to soak the milk mushrooms before salting. Such processing is a guarantee of a pleasant taste of pickles without bitterness spoiling it. There are several features of steeping. During the process, the raw materials may turn black or acquire an unpleasant odor, but this can be corrected.

Do I need to soak milk mushrooms before salting

Milk mushrooms are conditionally edible representatives of the Millechnik family, they are not used raw. At the break, milky juice is released, it is he who gives a bitter taste, which, after proper preparation of the raw material, leaves.

Soaking the mushrooms before salting is required for any method of processing - cold or hot. How long to keep the raw materials in the liquid depends on the option chosen.

Important! Refusal to soak in favor of cooking affects the taste of the raw material. Bitterness may remain, while the saturation and forest aroma will be lost, and fewer nutrients will remain.

How to prepare milk mushrooms for soaking

Preparation must begin with cleaning the raw materials. Some do it after soaking, but then the fruit will be in the mud. They tend to absorb harmful substances from the environment, therefore, proper attention must be paid to cleaning. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Go through the milkmen. If the specimens are completely damaged or too loose, then immediately throw them away. Cut out wormy areas.
  2. Soak mushrooms for 1-2 hours in cold water if they are heavily contaminated. After that, rinse each milkman. Before further processing, do not drain, but remove one copy from the cleaning liquid.
  3. Remove dirt. At the same time, you need to remove the film from the surface. If the fruits are large, then remove the plates with spores from the inside of the caps. It is convenient to do this with a spoon.
  4. Cut the milk mushrooms. This step is optional. It is necessary to act depending on the chosen method of salting and personal preferences. Caps are considered the best for salting, and the legs can be left for cooking caviar or roasting. Large specimens are best cut into 2-4 pieces.

It is convenient to use an old toothbrush for cleaning

Important! It is better to start processing on the day of collection or purchase, no more than a day should pass. If the crop was harvested in the rain, then before cleaning and soaking it can be kept for no more than 5-6 hours.

In what dishes to soak milk mushrooms

When soaking, it is important to choose the right dishes. You should be guided by the following facts:

  • enameled, glass and wooden containers are considered safe;
  • enameled dishes should be free of chips and cracks;
  • the container should be of sufficient volume so that the milk mushrooms in it are completely hidden by water and there is room for oppression;
  • you cannot use aluminum dishes, this leads to a chemical reaction and damage to the product;
  • if soaking with salt is planned, then you can not take a plastic container - there is a risk of release of toxic substances.

Advice! Oak barrels are great for soaking. In them, the raw materials are salted, that is, they are soaked in brine. At the same time, the blanks acquire a special aroma.

How to soak milk mushrooms before salting

You can get rid of bitterness and preserve the forest aroma if you properly soak the milk mushrooms before salting. There are some general rules:

  • use clean water, preferably from a spring or key;
  • use cold water for long soaking without salt;
  • soaking in warm water speeds up the process, but there is a risk of spoilage of the product, therefore, salt must be added;
  • place mushrooms in containers with their legs up, if they are not cut off;
  • the water should be renewed at least once every 10-12 hours, otherwise the raw material will sour, foam will appear on the surface;
  • after each change of liquid, rinse the fruits with running water;
  • be sure to use oppression - mushrooms are light, therefore, without it, they will float;
  • when changing fluid, always flush the load;
  • the duration of soaking depends on the type of mushrooms.

Advice! Mushrooms get rid of bitterness faster if you add 1 tsp for every 5 liters of water. salt.

How to soak white milk mushrooms before salting

This type is considered the cleanest, therefore they are soaked less. It is enough to keep the raw materials in water for 10-15 hours. It is convenient to do everything in the evening, and the next day to start salting.

When soaking, you must follow the general rules. When draining the water, look at its color. If the mushrooms have been soaked enough, the liquid will be clear, but slightly darkish.

Separately, it is necessary to consider the squeaky milk mushroom, which also has a white color. It is considered a false mushroom, but it is eaten. Skripun is very bitter, so it needs to be soaked for at least 3-4 days. A distinctive feature of this species when soaking is the reddening of the liquid.

How to soak black milk mushrooms before pickling

It takes 2-4 days to soak the black milk. The processing time depends on the size of the raw material and the method of salting. Change the water at least 2 times a day.

Black lactifiers contain a large amount of coloring pigments, therefore the liquid remains dark even with frequent changes. You need to look at the hats - if they become reddish, then the soaking can be stopped.

It is recommended to soak black milkmen in salted water.

How many days to soak milk mushrooms before salting

The duration of the soaking of the milkmen depends on their type and method of salting. Preparation can take hours or days.

How much to soak milk mushrooms before cold salting

This method of pickling mushrooms takes longer but retains flavor and aroma better. They need to be soaked for at least 3 days, but no longer than a week. The specific terms also depend on the size of the mushrooms - small and sliced ​​specimens should be kept in water less.

Important! When salting in a cold way, the workpieces can be used at least after 30-40 days.

How much to soak milk mushrooms before salting in a hot way

This method is usually used for black milkmen. If you need to soak the milk mushrooms for salting in a hot way, then the processing time depends on the recipe. The recipe may involve repeated boiling of the mushrooms, each time the liquid must be drained and replaced with fresh water. In this case, a few hours of pre-soaking is sufficient. In this case, the water must be changed every half hour.

If the heat treatment is short-lived, then the milkmen need to be soaked for 2-3 days. In hot weather, change the water more often so that the raw materials do not deteriorate.

One of the options for salting mushrooms is soaking only after boiling. You need to cook for 15 minutes, then keep it in brine under pressure for a week. After such processing, the milk mushrooms are laid out in sterilized jars and removed to a cool place for 1-1.5 months.

You can boil the lacquers in an enamel container or stainless steel cookware.

You can boil the lacquers in an enamel container or stainless steel cookware.

Why milk mushrooms turn black when soaked

Mushrooms turn black on the cuts. This is due to the content of milky sap, which, on contact with air, turns gray-yellow and then black. This happens if the milk mushrooms are soaked in an insufficient amount of water. It must cover the raw material completely.

Another possible reason for the blackening of lactariuses is exposure to sunlight. Soaked raw materials should be kept under a lid or in a dark place.

Blackening is not a reason to throw mushrooms away. They need to be rinsed, immersed in cold water and kept under load for several hours. It is recommended to use raw materials for hot salting.

Advice! So that the milkmen do not begin to darken even at the cleaning stage, each processed specimen must be immediately placed in water.

What to do if a smell appears when soaking the milk mushrooms

Millers can become sour when soaked, with a sauerkraut-like smell. The reason lies in the infrequent change of water or high temperature in the room. If the smell is strong and abundant foam appears, then it is better not to risk it and throw it away. Otherwise, you can get poisoned.

When the unpleasant smell just started to appear, and the liquid changed almost without delay, then you can save the mushrooms. If you do not need to soak them anymore, then you should first rinse and then salt in the chosen way. Make the saline solution strong. If further soaking is required, then rinse the raw materials, fill with fresh water and observe. If the smell reappears or if it intensifies, throw out the lacquers.


It is imperative to soak the milk mushrooms before salting, otherwise you can spoil the entire workpiece. If it is not enough to keep the mushrooms in water, then all the bitterness will not go away. Too long soaking is fraught with fermentation and loss of the harvested crop.

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