How to make cucumber trellis in a greenhouse

How to make cucumber trellis in a greenhouse

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The cultivation of cucumbers has a lot of features, observing which you can get a high-quality and bountiful harvest. Greenhouse cucumber trellis is one of them.

Conveniences and advantages of designs

There are also 2 more ways of growing cucumbers that are popular among the people:

  • in spread - the natural and easiest option for cultivating a vegetable;
  • in a bag or barrel - original and at the same time not yet widely distributed.

Growing in spreading requires a large area for the normal development of plants. In addition, the risk of fungal disease is increased and the fruits from watering or rain, as a rule, get dirty, taking on a not very appetizing appearance. When growing cucumbers in a bag (or barrel), the area of ​​the garden is significantly reduced, the whole structure looks very aesthetically pleasing, however? the plant will have to be watered much more often than usual.

Thus, the most efficient and convenient way to grow cucumbers is the trellis cultivation system. When arranging trellises both in the greenhouse and in the fresh air, the garden space is much more efficiently used. In addition, it is much easier to harvest from them and the cucumbers grow clean, even. At the same time, green fruits are most protected from fungal diseases and rot. The only drawback of tapestries can be identified only by self-assembly and construction.

Types of trellis for cucumbers

Tapestries are of two types:

  • rigid (structures made of metal, wood or plastic), with large cells;
  • mesh (similar in appearance to fishing nets that can be rolled into a ball).

In the first case, the trellises have a solid frame made of metal or wood, resembling a construction mesh in structure. In general, it consists of several pillars with crossbeams-veins in order to indicate the upper and lower boundaries.

In the second case, the tapestries are a soft, elastic and strong special mesh that can be purchased at a garden store or woven with your own hands. This design does not have any special restrictions on strength, since it is not difficult to attach the mesh to the frame, because it can be used to go around any obstacles. You can independently make trellis for cucumbers in a greenhouse on average from a 5-meter grid, that is, almost flush along the entire length of a standard greenhouse.

The order of work and the necessary tools

In order to make tapestries yourself, you need to purchase the following set of tools:

  • screwdriver, hammer, sledgehammer, knife and pliers;
  • embedded wooden blocks, a bar made of wood with a section of 3x5 cm, 2 m long (or metal or asbestos pipes);
  • screws, screws and nails, mesh or twine.

After everything you need has been prepared, you can safely proceed with the following step-by-step list of works:

  1. Supports are installed on the end sides of the bed (bars with a section of 30x50 mm).
  2. At a distance of 2.5-3 m from each other, intermediate supports are mounted (for example, for a 5-meter bed, only 3 of them are needed).
  3. A metal profile is attached to the intermediate supports with an overlapping screwdriver using small embedded blocks.
  4. Opposite each plant, nails are driven into a wooden board and made in the form of a hook (in case the garden has wooden stops). If the ridge is without limiters, then pegs are fixed in the ground. The end of the twine or net is fixed with one end on the support and then, through the hooks (pegs) along the crossbar, it is pulled over the cucumbers in the form of the letter L, that is, it is carried along the entire length of the crossbar to the other end of the second support.

Since cucumbers tend to start up tendrils and stretch them up, clinging to nearby vertical supports, here they will rise to the net (twine) and thereby create a beautiful, easy-to-harvest shape of the garden.

The device of the trellis structure is a creative process. In this regard, each summer resident has an individual look. Greenhouse cucumber fixtures are no exception.

Any vertical support specially mounted for these purposes will help to grow a bountiful harvest with the convenience of collecting and caring for garden plants. The main thing is to do it conscientiously and competently, and the rest is a matter of the sun and the sprout itself.

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