Petrol snow blower Huter sgc 3000 - characteristics

Petrol snow blower Huter sgc 3000 - characteristics

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With the onset of winter, home owners face a serious problem - timely snow removal. I don't really want to wave a shovel, because you will have to spend more than one hour to remove everything. And there is not always enough time.

Today you can buy modern equipment for cleaning areas of any size. These are mechanized snow blowers. There are many models of such cars, there are gasoline or electricity. We invite our readers to consider the option - the Huter sgc 3000 snow blower. The features of the work and operation of snow removal equipment will be discussed.

Technical specifications

The German company Huter is known in the world market. Her gardening techniques are very popular. The Russians began to purchase snowblowers not so long ago, but the demand for Huther equipment is growing every year.

According to users and numerous reviews, working on the Huter SGC 3000 snow blower does not present any particular difficulties. With this machine you will be able to clear loose snow immediately after precipitation. The Hüter 3000 petrol snow blower is widely used for cleaning parking lots, areas around cafes and shops.


  1. The Hooter 300 snow blower has an average power of 2900 watts, it has 4 horsepower.
  2. The engine is a four-stroke, with a screw-water-stage system, self-propelled, has wide wheels, on which aggressive protectors are installed, which do not allow the Hooter brand snowblower to slide even in wet snow.
  3. The engine starts with a half turn from the recoil starter.
  4. The Huter sgc 3000 snow blower is equipped with an electric starter. There is no on-board battery.
  5. The snow bucket has a height of 26 cm and a width of 52 cm. These parameters are sufficient for cleaning low snow drifts.
  6. In a fuel tank with a capacity of 3 liters, you need to fill in high-quality AI-92 gasoline. The tank has a wide neck, so refueling is convenient and safe: there are no spills.
  7. To obtain a working composition, in addition to gasoline, high-quality oil of the corresponding brand is also required. It is also necessary to reduce friction of working parts, protect them from rust. Mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic oils can be used.


  1. The Huter sgc 3000 sweeper is designed to remove snow up to 30 cm high. The petrol snow blower has a special lever that allows you to choose the direction for throwing snow. To do this, simply turn the handle 190 degrees. The lever is next to the operator. The deflector on the discharge chute must be adjusted manually. A lamb is used to fix the selected angle of inclination.
  2. The bucket is made of special plastic, there is no sticking on it. The auger is made of durable metal, so it is possible to remove compacted snow after crushing. Snow is thrown 15 meters away; there is no need to re-clean the area.
  3. The petrol Huter SGC 3000 snow blower has runners that protect the equipment from damage during operation. Tight adhesion to the surface of the cleaned area allows you to successfully clean even icy areas. The wheels can be unlocked at any time if you need to turn the car. So, the self-propelled gasoline Hooter 3000 is a maneuverable machine. The configuration of the area to be cleaned does not affect the snow removal progress.

Attention! You can move the Huter 3000 self-propelled gasoline snow blower to a neighboring yard on your own.

The only inconvenience, as noted in the reviews by consumers, is the lack of a headlight. It is not very convenient to work with the Huter 3000 snow blower in the dark. You can solve the problem by purchasing a headlamp. It is attached to the head with an elastic band. The focus of the lighting is easily adjustable. The headlamps are powered by AAA batteries and must be purchased separately.

The handle on the Hüter 3000 petrol snow blower is foldable. This is very convenient, for a gasoline car in the off-season requires less space. This is also noted as a positive point by our readers in their reviews of the Huter sgc 3000 snow plow.

Storage features

Since we have already started talking about the storage of snow removal equipment, then this issue should be taken seriously. Mistakes can be costly.

Storage rules for Huter sgc 3000 equipment at the end of the harvesting season:

  1. Gasoline is also drained from the tank into the canister. The same is done with oil from the crankcase. Gasoline vapors can spontaneously ignite and explode.
  2. Then they clean the surface of the Hooter snow blower from dirt and wipe all metal parts with an oiled rag.
  3. Unscrew the spark plug and pour a small amount of engine oil into the hole. Having covered it, turn the crankshaft using the handle. Then replace the spark plug without the cap.
  4. It is also necessary to change the oil in the gearbox.
  5. Cover the machine with a piece of tarpaulin and store it indoors.

Important! The Huter sgc 3000 snow blower should only be stored horizontally on a flat surface.

Safety engineering

Since the Huter 3000 self-propelled snow blower is a complex machine, safety rules must be followed when working with it. In this case, the operator will remain unharmed and the snow removal equipment will last longer.

Safety precautions are clearly spelled out in the instructions for the snow blower. Therefore, before starting work, you must carefully study all the recommendations and try not to violate them in the future. If you are transferring a gas powered snow blower to someone else, be sure to read the technician manual.

Let's take a look at this issue:

  1. It is necessary to use the gasoline snow blower Huter sgc 3000 strictly as directed. The area where snow removal will be carried out must be flat with a solid surface.
  2. Remember that persons under the age of majority must not get behind the Hooter self-propelled snow blower. During illness or after drinking alcoholic beverages, the operation of the snow blower is prohibited: the owner is responsible for the accident. If, through his fault, there was a misfortune with another person or someone else's property, then the owner of the equipment will have to answer according to the law.
  3. Before starting work, you need to check the equipment. It is necessary to use protective goggles, gloves, non-slip shoes. Operator's clothing should be tight-fitting and not too long. Wearing headphones is recommended to reduce noise emissions.
  4. Hands and feet should not be exposed to rotating and heating elements during operation.
  5. It is not recommended to work with a gasoline snow blower Huter sgc 3000 on slopes due to the possibility of injury. It is also prohibited to work near fire. The operator must not smoke when clearing snow.
  6. Filling the fuel tank is carried out with a cold engine in the open air.
  7. It is impossible to engage in self-construction of a snow blower, as well as to use inappropriate spare parts.

Snow blower reviews

Dmitry, 52 years old, Leningrad region

The Hooter petrol snow blower is not working too loudly. The machine is powerful, throws snow over a long distance, the width of the passage is decent. I have a German-made snow blower. It is, of course, more expensive than the Chinese assembly, but the quality is also better. A neighbor in the country has a Chinese, often breaks down. And there is no service close, you have to carry the snow blower Huther to the city. I also want to note that manufacturers need to modify the snowblower, equip it with a headlight.

Inga, 32 years old, Samara

My father lives in the village, in winter I have to clean the yard from snow. He is no longer young, so my husband and I decided to give him a snow blower. The store advised to buy a self-propelled gasoline snow blower Huter sgc 3000. Father is pleased with the gift, he does the work in the yard quickly, and, most importantly, does not get tired. The Hüter snowblower works like a beast, completely subordinate to the operator.

Nikita, 31 years old, Barnaul

I live in a private house in the suburbs, and work in the city itself. It is clear that there is not enough time for snow removal with a shovel. I bought a Huther 3000 petrol snow blower 2 years ago and have never regretted it. High-quality, self-propelled snow blower with low gas consumption. I clean the yard in several passes, and there is no need to do it again, since the snow is thrown over a long distance. The augers perfectly crush even icy snow. The only drawback of a snow blower is that you need to clean the area after each snowfall, it slips in high snow.

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