Means for combating mice in the house and in the country

Means for combating mice in the house and in the country

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From time immemorial, mice have been constant companions of humans, but not a single person has been glad about their proximity to rodents. Still, these animals can cause only panic, disgust, stench, holes in the walls, etc. It is also worth remembering that mice are carriers of dangerous infections, such as rabies, plague and leptospirosis. Therefore, if an uninvited guest appears in your house, you should immediately prepare for the "war".

Where do the rodents come from?

Ordinary house mice most often penetrate a person’s home. They belong to the group of synanthropic animals, that is, those that are attached to people and always live next door to humans. The harm done by them can be quite serious. That is why people come up with more and more new ways to deal with the scourge of rodents. Among them there are both humane, invented by humanity relatively recently, and very cruel. The difficulty in catching rodents is that they quickly enough adapt to new living conditions: it will not be difficult for mice to survive in water, in a cold or to endure prolonged hunger.

Rodents begin to capture human territories from the basement - this is the most suitable place for breeding and rearing offspring. It will be especially pleasant for animals to live in a room that is littered with various trash, or where there is something to profit from. On the upper floors, mice can penetrate through sewers, garbage chutes, ventilation shafts, make passages by gnawing a large number of holes.

Also, animals can migrate from other houses or buildings. They get into the apartment when moving and transporting large things (furniture, old household appliances, etc.).

Danger from mice

In appearance, rodents are quite harmless, but we should not forget that they can cause serious harm not only to your property, but also to the health of family members. Having tasted a product that was infected with a mouse, you can easily get poisoned or even catch a serious infection. Therefore, you should immediately think about how to get rid of mice in the country forever, and that they do not like mice in the house.

Disposal of mice should be carried out for the following reasons:

  • are flea carriers;
  • they leave behind an unpleasant smell, which is quite difficult to remove;
  • even radiation is easily transferred from one site to another;
  • provoke difficult diseases - in the mouth of rodents there are millions of pathogenic bacteria and viruses that can cause typhoid, cholera, plague and various poisonings;
  • can provoke a fire in the room - they gnaw through wiring in hard-to-reach places that are inaccessible to the human eye;
  • spoil the walls of the house, electrical appliances, wiring, furniture, provisions, etc.

Among the typical signs of the appearance of mice in a private house, there are:

  • characteristic mouse odor (if there are a lot of rodents);
  • the rattle and rustling in the walls is often heard, especially their fuss will be heard at night;
  • traces of life - there is grayish-colored excrement with a specific smell;
  • bitten food, as well as mouse droppings left in them;
  • the presence of mouse passages - small holes in skirting boards and walls.

Once there is no doubt about the existence of mice in your home, you should choose the most effective way to fight rodents in order to completely exterminate or simply drive the animals out of your garden, home or garden.

What rats and mice are afraid of

Mice cannot stand and are simply afraid of quite a few things. A sharp change in the brightness of light, loud sounds, unpleasant smells, poisonous baits - all this allows you to scare away uninvited guests from your home. Particular attention should be paid to poisons. Although they allow you to poison all the animals in a short time, the smell from dead mice and the terrifying stench of their excrement can remain in the room for a long time. Therefore, you should prepare for the fact that for some time your house will be unsuitable for living after bullying.

Also, scaring away mice can be carried out using ultrasound devices. The only drawback of this method is that ultrasound does not pass well through walls, because of this it is necessary to equip devices in almost every room.

In nature, there are also quite a lot of things that will allow you to expel rodents from your summer cottage. For example, a good option would be to cover the floor with freshly harvested bollards or wormwood, or simply spread the plants in places where the mice are supposedly accumulating. Animals can not stand the pungent smell that comes from wormwood, so driving them out of your home should not be difficult for you.

Here are some more pungent odors to help you fight your mice:

  1. Synthetic Flavors - ordered via the Internet, because the main components are mint and chamomile, which are quite difficult to get in the city.
  2. Non-plant origin - vinegar, ammonia, chlorine, lime.
  3. Plant origin - tansy, black root, elderberry, coriander, wormwood, peppermint, pharmacy chamomile, ledum, cilantro.

All rodents are panicky afraid of unusual, loud sounds, especially those that arise completely unexpectedly: the operation of a washing machine, playing a musical instrument, loud listening to music, etc.

How to get rid of rodents forever

In order to once and for all eliminate an unpleasant neighbor, it is necessary to carry out a number of measures that will avoid the appearance of rodents in the future, and only then proceed with the direct elimination of pests. Here are some tips to keep in the “war” with mice:

  1. Do a spring cleaning in the apartment. Wipe thoroughly all the shelves and corners in the closet that your hands did not reach before. Carefully inspect grocery supplies for damage and remove all excess from the floor. Thoroughly wash the apartment with detergent that contains chlorine.
  2. Carefully examine the room for the presence of mouse holes. The most common rooms where rodents make their passages are the kitchen and the bathroom, so first of all look at all the kitchen utensils and the places under the sink. All found holes should be covered with construction foam. It is also necessary to decompose the optimal type of poison for you in places inaccessible to children.
  3. You can put mousetraps. Almost anything is used as bait: cheese, peanut butter, a piece of lard, etc. Do not forget to periodically check the placed traps.
  4. Get a cat at home. Rodents do not even tolerate the cat's smell, so when a predator appears in your house, they will most likely leave the room on their own. If this does not happen, the cat will make sure that no one disturbed your sleep at night.
  5. Make an unusual bait. To do this, you need to take any cereal grains (barley, oats, wheat) and cement. Mix the ingredients in an arbitrary proportion, and then sprinkle the product in the corners. Bowls with water will also be required nearby. The quick death of all the rodents that are in your apartment will not take long.
  6. Ultrasound - The safest and most effective, but at the same time the most expensive way to get rid of mice. The device with the help of sound signals scares away intruders, and they will once and for all lose the desire to return to your home.

These were only the most common recommendations that will allow you to get rid of annoying animals. Now it’s worthwhile to dwell in more detail on how ultrasonic repellers work and what their varieties exist.

Ultrasonic Repellers

These devices help guaranteed to get rid of mice in the apartment in a short time. Ultrasonic repellers have recently begun to gain great popularity. The principle of their action is based on ultrasonic attacks of a certain frequency, which cause panic in the animals, as well as unbearable pain in the ears.

Filling the room, ultrasound prevents pests from living normally. Man absolutely does not feel him, but for mice he is simply unbearable. The animal’s self-preservation instinct works flawlessly, as a result of which they begin to flee from the dangerous premises, trying to leave the territory, which is within the range of the device.

The device almost imperceptibly affects the nervous system of animals and literally drives them crazy. To date, a more effective method for controlling various rodents has not yet been invented. It is completely harmless to pets and humans, but deadly to mice.

Hail Repeller

Hail is one of the most popular ultrasonic repellers. This silent device for human hearing is capable of once and for all ridding your living space of annoying rodents. The total area of ​​the hail is approximately 500 square meters. Conventional finger-type batteries or 220 volt mains are sufficient for operation.

The effect of animals getting used to this device is completely absent. Ultrasonic waves adversely affect the nervous system of mice, which is why rodents experience extreme discomfort: disorientation, earache. Being under the influence of such a device, rodents lose the ability to consume food, water and reproduce.

Features Electrocat

It scares away mice using ultrasonic vibrations of different frequencies. The total area of ​​action is somewhat smaller than that of the city, however, it is enough to protect a rooftop of up to 200 square meters from rodents.

For the device to work, a 12-volt power supply is supplied, which is charged from a 220-volt network. The current strength in it is not less than 0.15 A.

The electric cat works in two modes: day and night. The basic principle of operation is the continuous production of ultrasonic waves, the oscillation frequency of which is constantly changing. This can only be done using the built-in generator.

These sounds are considered unbearable for mice and rats, so rodents leave the area of ​​action of the electric cat after a maximum of 13 days and never return.

Folk remedies

Such methods of controlling rodents are especially good because they are low cost. Nevertheless, many folk remedies have been tested in action by not a single generation, so there is no doubt in their effectiveness. Of course, you can’t call them humane, but the main task - to clean the area of ​​mice - they perform without difficulty.

So, among the most popular folk remedies, the following are considered the most effective:

  1. We take an empty bucket and fill it with half water. In the middle we put a plate with a piece of bait. We move the trap to any platform so that the animals can freely get inside. When they try to get to the goodies, they will simply drown in water.
  2. Take the leftovers and simply mix them with any of the following ingredients: ground glass, lime, cement, poison. Animals are not particularly picky, so they will eat the bait along with a lethal supplement.
  3. We take a glass bottle with a wide neck. Add some sunflower oil (preferably homemade) into the container and twist the bottle in your hands until all the walls are covered with slippery liquid. We set the trap at about a 45 ° slope and go to sleep. In the morning you will find in it rodents that have entered the tank, but could not get out of it due to slippery oil.

As you can see, there are many ways to fight rodents: humane and not very. Fighting with mice in an apartment can be difficult, so you should stock up on considerable patience. Also, do not forget to clean the room on time - this is the best means of prevention against pests.

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