How to make a carport for cars in the country with your own hands

How to make a carport for cars in the country with your own hands

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A carport is a reliable, simple and practical way to protect your car from rain, hail, snow and other troubles. Perform such a carport in the country or the territory of a country house is not difficult. It is only necessary to determine the material, shape and construction dimensions, which every homeowner can afford to equip with his own hands.

Varieties of protective structures

At its core, a car canopy is a simple small architectural form, which consists of a solid asphalt or concrete platform, roof and vertical supports. Typically, such a structure is located near the house or attached to it, so its style design, it should fit into the landscape of the site and match the architecture of the main structure.

To date, there are several varieties of carports, which primarily differ in the material from which they are made:

  • Wooden buildings can be made of profiled or glued beams, logs, various lumber. Such visors are simple in design, so the canopy can easily be done independently, even without the appropriate work experience, without the use of any complex professional tools and equipment. It is only necessary on a regular basis to process all wooden structures with antiseptics from decay, which will guarantee the durability of the erected car canopy.
  • Metal canopies for cars are versatile in use, they are durable and reliable. Today, relatively simple structures made of metal profiles and pipe frames, as well as car canopies made of forged metal products. If the homeowner has experience working with the welding machine, you can independently perform the simplest design of welded metal profiles, channels and pipes.
  • Brick, concrete and stone buildings. Such car canopies are distinguished by their massive construction; accordingly, not only experience in similar construction work will be required, but also the arrangement of a full-fledged base. Such construction will require the use of heavy equipment, accordingly, costs will increase, and independently do all the work does not seem possible. At the same time, we note that such stone, concrete or brick structures are easy to operate and will not require any further processing and special care.
  • In recent years, began to enjoy popularity. mobile awningswhich have a folding design, differ in compact dimensions and are easy to install. In fact, it is a metal frame with a tented roof. You can mount the frame and install the tent roof that is attached to the main structure in literally 20-30 minutes, having performed a high-quality, reliable and versatile mobile carport for use.

Used roofing materials

The most widespread carport with a single-pitched roof, which combine simplicity of design and versatility of use. The minimum angle of inclination of the roof in this case will be 25 degrees, and the material used depends solely on the preferences of the homeowner. Gable roof today it did not receive proper distribution among the canopies, which is explained by the complexity of the design and a significant increase in the cost of erecting such a protective structure.

The roof of the protective structure for the car can be made of the following materials:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Slate.
  • Ondulin.
  • Metal tile.
  • Soft tile.
  • Ruberoid.
  • Profiled sheet.

If earlier most popular used inexpensive slate and metal, today most car owners choose polycarbonate, which is a versatile, lightweight and inexpensive material. The use of polycarbonate for the installation of a canopy can significantly simplify the design itself, and also reduces the cost of construction work.

Construction of a car canopy

When erecting a canopy with your own hands, you should pay attention to some features of placement and manufacturing.

Features of accommodation

The car canopy can be made as a separate building in the yard or attached to the house, garage, barn, hozblok. In each case, the choice of location of the canopy will depend on the characteristics of the site. It is best to carry out such a design on independent supports, which will significantly simplify the maneuvering and use of the car. At the same time, if the area of ​​a personal plot is 6−10 acres, then it is much easier to perform protective structure attached, which will save free space on the site.

Material selection

For many homeowners, the choice of one or another carport will come down to the choice of material used. The most popular are wood and metal structures, which are covered with translucent polycarbonate on top. It is both inexpensive, versatile to use and reliable visorsthat provide complete protection for the car. However, if you wish, you can choose a tree or full-sized structures made of brick or poured concrete.


The overall dimensions of the building are 6.6 by 3.6 meters. This protective design is suitable for a passenger car, bus and crossover. We can recommend economical car owners-summer residents to complete a site with dimensions of 5 by 2.3 meters. However, such a canopy can only be used for cars, while there may be some difficulties with parking, as the site will be right up to the size of the car.

On the Internet, you can easily find high-quality projects of carports that can be implemented in your own country house or on the territory of a country house. To make carports with your own hands, drawings of which you can make yourself, it will not be difficult. Construction is also possible without availability design documentation, but at the same time, it will first be necessary to make a detailed sketch on paper with all sizes, which will subsequently simplify the erection of the protective structure.

Site arrangement

In this case, a full-fledged concrete foundation is not required, and the site used can simply be covered with gravel. You can also pave the parking place with paving slabs or natural stone. Proper preparation of the site, namely removal of the surface turf and filling the pit with sand or gravel, will ensure durability erected construction.

Support frame installation

The supporting posts can be made of round or profiled timber with dimensions of 100 to 100 mm. When using metal structures, a channel with dimensions of 80 by 80 mm or pipes with a diameter of 100 mm can be used. The distance between the supporting posts should be no more than 2 m. In some cases, three-meter spans are allowed, however, such construction options will require appropriate complex engineering calculations.

Wooden canopy runs can be made from profiled pipes measuring 40 by 80 mm. The rafter system of the wooden visor is made of a solid edged board with dimensions of 140 mm. Additionally, the rafter system can be strengthened with stiffeners, which will be relevant in cases where heavy roofing material is used. But when the entire structure is made of polycarbonate, additional reinforcement for the Mauerlat and the rafter system is not required.

To complete this work you will need:

  • Bulgarian.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Level.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Planing machine.

Roof installation

After pouring in or concreting the base and installing a solid supporting structure, you can begin to cover the roof. In each case, the technology of installing the roof will differ depending on the material you have chosen. It is easiest to use polycarbonate sheets, for which it will be necessary to pre-drill holes for anchors or special press nuts in the sheet material and then fasten the roofing material firmly with fasteners directly to the concrete frame or crate.

If a canopy with a slate or metal tile is already being executed, then it will be necessary to pre-assemble the wooden crate, and metal profiles and slate are already attached to it using special rubberized screws or ordinary nails. Such works are not particularly difficult, therefore, they are quite capable of being completed without resorting to outside help.

Side wall mount

Most of the projects for the construction of automobile cottages do not imply the presence of additional side walls. However, if you wish, you can equip a completely enclosed structure, which allows you to better protect the car from bad weather. Such a design can be sheathed on the sides with a wooden grill, lined with wall panels or with durable glass. You can also hang curtains made of tarpaulin or awning.

Drainage installation

Regardless of the roof structure and the material used, it is necessary to mount a plastic drainage system, which will protect the completed canopy from moisture. Such a plastic drainage is fastened along the lower slope of the roof, which will allow it to divert rain water to a distance of 1.5-2 meters from the parking lot for the car. It is also possible to use metal drains, but they will require regular cleaning with rust treatment.

Arrangement of shelter for a car in a personal plot is not particularly difficult. Each summer resident and owner of a private house can easily build in the household territory such a durable, versatile to use and inexpensive canopy that can be made of wood, metal profiles and covered with tiling or polycarbonate sheets on top. Having equipped such a reliable and durable construction, you can completely protect your car from rain, snow and hail.

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