Pumpkin planting dates in 2019: how to get a good harvest

Pumpkin planting dates in 2019: how to get a good harvest

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Pumpkin planting is carried out according to the recommendations of the lunar calendar

The agricultural season is approaching, so it is important for many gardeners to find out when the pumpkin planting takes place in 2018. This question can be answered both from the point of view of local climatic conditions, and according to the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

Selection of pumpkin variety by region

First of all, it is useful to figure out how to choose the right pumpkin variety for planting. In terms of scientific classification all varieties are grouped into 3 categories:

  • large-fruited (fruits are large, round, with a soft crust);
  • nutmeg (round or small cylindrical fruits with a soft crust);
  • hard-core - rounded, with a hard coating (there are also cylindrical).

Large-fruited (fruits up to 20 kg) are most often chosen, although, for example, nutmegs are more tasty and healthy (in terms of the content of vitamins and minerals).

And another important point is the frost resistance of the variety. Recommended varieties for different regions:

  • Therapeutic - Middle lane, Ural, Siberia;
  • Russian woman - Middle lane, partly Siberia and the Urals;
  • Volzhskaya - predominantly the Middle Strip and the southern regions;
  • Prikubanskaya, Pearl - mostly southern regions.

You need to choose the right pumpkin variety for planting

Determination of landing dates

Planting dates can be determined on the basis of favorable and unfavorable days of the Lunar calendar 2018, as well as taking into account general recommendations for various pumpkin varieties.


Basically, pumpkin seeds should be planted immediately in open ground, and they do this in different regions from the second half of April until the end of May. General rule - the surface soil layer should warm up to at least +10aboutC, and in the case of nutmeg varieties - up to +13aboutC. Shoots appear after a decade, so by then the air temperature should already have risen to at least +14aboutC, without night frosts.

Thus, the specific period depends on the climatic conditions of the area:

  1. In the southern regions (Krasnodar, Stavropol Territory, etc.) can be sown already in late April.
  2. In the Moscow region and other areas of central Russia, it is preferable to choose mid-May.
  3. And in Siberia and the Urals should be planted in late May or even early June (if the spring turned out to be cold, and there is a chance of frost even in early summer).


Mostly sowing is carried out immediately in open ground. But varieties of nutmeg pumpkins are initially planted for seedlings - about a month before the expected transfer to the soil.

How to check pumpkin seeds

According to the lunar calendar for 2018

Almost all crops that produce aboveground edible fruits should be planted at a time when the moon is growing, i.e. after the new moon. In terms of the lunar calendar in 2018 the most favorable days will be:

  • in April: 9, 18, 26 and 28;
  • in May: 3-4, 14, 24 and 31;
  • in June: 1-2, 11 and 20.


If these days you can’t make a landing, you can choose any other, except for the first day of the new moon, as well as the day when the moon is full. In 2018, the adverse dates are: April 16 and 30, May 15 and 29, June 13 and 28.

Pumpkin should be planted after the new moon

Recommendations for the care of young plants

Keeping the right planting dates ensures a successful start to pumpkin growth. And in order to get a good crop, you need to do everything possible so that the seedlings feel normal throughout the first weeks. To do this, it is enough to water the sprouts, apply fertilizers and protect them from frost and the possible appearance of pests.


Pumpkin is very fond of moisture, although excess fluid is also harmful (roots begin to rot). therefore watered abundantly, but in moderation:

  • in hot weather 2-3 times a week;
  • in rains - as needed.

It is necessary to ensure that the soil never remains dry - it should be moderately moist to the touch. It is better to water with settled water, and it should not be taken from the well (too cold). It is better to withstand water all night to reach room temperature. At the same time, during watering, you need to try to exclude the spray on the leaves and flowers.


Like most other crops, pumpkin especially needs moisture during flowering and the formation of ovaries.

Pumpkin loves the sun

Top dressing

If the soil is fertile enough, pumpkin will bear fruit even without feeding. However, to get a really big pumpkin best fertilizer:

  1. After the appearance of 3 large leaves, nitrophos is added (10 g of dry matter per 1 bush).
  2. Then make feeding during the formation of lashes - nitrophos (15 g of dry matter per bush).
  3. After that, 2 times a month make a solution of mullein (take 8 times more water): a bucket of 5 bushes. You can add a glass of ash to the bush.

Plant formation

Since pumpkin grows quite a lot, it is necessary to pay attention to the formation of the plant:

  1. If you want to get only one stem, then all the side shoots are cut off immediately after their formation.
  2. If 2 stems are formed, 2 shoots are immediately left, and the rest are cut.

At the same time, as they grow (more than a meter in length), the lashes are sprinkled with earth in several places. Otherwise, the wind can twist and even break them, which will negatively affect the crop.

It is necessary to pay attention to the formation of pumpkins

What to do in case of frost

Gardeners always carefully monitor the weather forecast. Therefore, if it becomes aware of the high probability of frost, it is necessary to protect young seedlings. Here are some simple ways to insulate:

  • cover with a glass jar;
  • cover with a plastic bottle (cut off the neck);
  • pull a film or other material over the bed - you get a small greenhouse.

Planting pumpkin seeds in open ground

In most cases, pumpkin grows very well and pleases with its large fruits, which bring great benefits to the body. And even a novice gardener may well count on enjoying his own pumpkin in August-September, if he carefully treats the described tips.

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