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How to choose a good summer house

How to choose a good summer house

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We want to buy a cottage. What are the best criteria to judge? How to choose a good one if I do not understand well?


The main thing is that the toilet should be.

Well, it's like someone.

look at roads, water and electricity.

Roads, water, electric + so that it was guarded (preferably)

we are selling

Ahead - Volga

Where? Price?

It’s very beautiful, but I think it’s very expensive. Yes, and far away, I don’t understand this, please tell me how many kilometers from MKAD and at what price)

Yes, it’s generally on the Volga, In Togliatti.

We bought in the winter ... we just drove into SST through a birch grove and without seeing the house and the plot we already agreed and we do not regret it !!! 120 km .... from home))

Do not forget to chat with your neighbors!

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