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Beautiful autumn topiary made of natural material

Beautiful autumn topiary made of natural material

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To make a topiary of natural material with your own hands, you do not need to have special talents and skills. The richness of shapes and colors of seeds, nuts, cones and dried flowers allows you to create amazing souvenirs from literally nothing. It is enough to prepare beautiful fruits and flowers, spikelets of cereals, moss, twigs and other materials in the summer and autumn.

How to make the simplest topiary

For beginners to learn a new hobby, you can offer a simple master class on making souvenirs from natural material. To work, you need to prepare:

  • a small ball of foam or plastic;
  • a twig of arbitrary shape;
  • natural material (seeds, flowers, leaves, dried berries, feathers, etc.);
  • small capacity;
  • plasticine;
  • instant glue or glue gun.

When creating a topiary, scissors, shiny beads, ribbons and lace, paints may also be required. All this is easy to find at home, and natural materials will have to be collected in advance and dried, so that after the product is ready, it does not deform and does not lose its beauty.

Very beautiful trees can be made from pine cones. Assemble the topiary with your own hands in the following sequence:

  1. You can choose a beautifully curved twig, with a fork. Puncture the prepared ball made of plastic or foam, pour a little glue into the hole and insert the selected stick. When the glue sets, you can continue to work.
  2. Glue the cones to the ball as tight as possible. If there is a lot of free space between them and the base material is visible, then you can insert small elements there, trying to completely hide the surface of the ball. Coniferous branches, as in the photo on the right, and beads (on the left) are suitable for inserts. If desired, you can use maple and ash seeds, euonymus capsules, colorful bird feathers and other material. Set aside the finished tree and proceed to the manufacture of the stand.
  3. In a small container (a plastic cup, a lid from household chemicals, a pot for seedlings, etc.), put plasticine and knead it, filling the entire diameter of the container. A layer of plasticine should occupy approximately 2/3 of the volume of the container. Decorate the stand from the outside by sticking on it a "picket fence" of sticks, lace and dried flowers. You can wrap the container with felt or leave it without decoration if it is decorative on its own.
  4. Stick on which a ball with a composition of cones is fixed, stick a free end into a layer of plasticine. To hide unsightly material, you need to fill the remaining volume of the pot with dried moss, cotton wool or poplar fluff, scales from cones, small seeds, etc. You can add additional decor from spikelets, small cones, pebbles, beads.

Even if this is the first DIY topiary in the artist’s life, he will not encounter any difficulties in its manufacture.

If instead of a ball we take a base in the form of a cone, then we can make a fir tree out of cones. Such a topiary made of natural material is suitable for decorating a house for the New Year. To make it more convenient to work, it is better to immediately fix the cone on the barrel and stand. If you find a thick branch and cut a short piece from it, then the trunk of the souvenir will work. For the stand, you can use a wide saw cut of wood or a plank (on the right).

Begin gluing the cone with cones from below. This is due to their location: with a downward slope. The Christmas tree on the right is made with the addition of coniferous branches. To assemble it, you need to alternate the rows of cones and greenery. To decorate the Christmas tree on the right, plastic leaves and fruits of holly, shrubs symbolizing Christmas and New Year in European countries were used. The snow on the “branches” and under the tree is made of a mixture of semolina with PVA glue. Such a semi-liquid composition is easy to apply on cones. After drying, it will hold on to the souvenir.

Ecostyle Topiary

Leaves and flowers

Very beautiful topiary can be made from autumn leaves. Colorful, elegant, they can rightfully compete with the most sophisticated colors. In addition to the leaves, you can take twigs with fruits of physalis, snowberry, wild apple or ranetki, mountain ash.

The simplest version of autumn topiary is fresh or dried leaves and fruits glued to the base. In this case, the artist is repelled from the shape and color of the material, doing the same as when composing bouquets. The main task is to glue all the elements so that the composition looks harmonious. The souvenir is assembled according to the rules described above.

It is possible to supplement the composition of autumn leaves with dried flowers. Many garden and wild herbs can be dried at the time of flowering. Yarrow and tansy will not lose their color when dried, and their hard baskets will look just like living. Immortelle and stalnik, prickly muzzle, umbrellas of fennel, cilantro, dill, hard flowers of gelichrysums - all this can serve as an excellent material in creating natural topiary.

Bouquet of lush roses

For those for whom the variety of dried flowers is not enough, we offer a master class on making a composition with roses. For work, you need components for the base of the souvenir, threads, clothespin and many beautiful maple leaves. Do-it-yourself roses:

  1. Take a fresh maple leaf and bend it in half, across the main vein.
  2. Roll up so that the fold line forms a loose spiral. Press the roll with a clothespin so that it does not turn around.
  3. Fold in half another sheet. Remove the clothespin and, holding the already twisted sheet with your fingers, wrap it with a new folded sheet so that the fold is on top, as shown in the photo. Fasten with a clothespin again and prepare another sheet.
  4. The next leaflet should be located opposite the one that wraps the core of the future flower.
  5. A few more layers of folded leaves will make the bud more magnificent. The edges of the "petals" can be slightly bent, imitating real pink flowers. When the flower seems lush enough, wrap it with thread at the bottom, and tie it securely.
  6. To make the sepals of the rose, arrange the folded leaf (you can choose a small one) so that the fold is under the flower. Then the protruding ends successfully simulate the sepals. Fasten everything with a thread. Having made several of these flowers, you can start assembling the topiary.

You can stick roses in random order, alternating them with dry leaves, chestnuts, cones or needles. If desired, you can decorate roses with "dew drops" from transparent beads or rhinestones. It is best to attach such a decor with transparent adhesive like "Moment-Crystal". The droplets can be successfully imitated with both an epoxy composition and superglue.

Natural topiary

Other methods of making flowers for topiary

Making topiary from natural materials, you can use the seeds of a bizarre shape in their natural form. So, the stars of frankincense, euonymus capsule, maple lionfish themselves will look elegant in any composition. But you can spend a little time and make unusual flowers from natural material that will decorate a souvenir tree.

Laconic topiary, reminiscent of the early spring and the very first flowers, blossoming on bare branches. To make it you need:

  • container;
  • burlap flap;
  • tree branch;
  • pine cones;
  • alabaster;
  • glue;
  • decor (twine, beads).

The plastic container needs to be pasted over with burlap, cut off the protruding ends. Pour alabaster solution into the container, insert a branch and allow to congeal.

To assemble the flower, you need to remove the lower thick part of maple seeds, leaving only the wings. Petals are also cut from birch bark or corn cobs. In each case, the flowers will be different, you can try several options and choose the most suitable. Lubricate the petal with glue and insert between the cone scales. When the whole cone is full, you get a beautiful flower.

Maple lionfish and corn wrappers are easy to color with food coloring. To do this, dry material must be placed in a solution of paint, withstand until staining. Remove and dry with a paper towel, and then lay in one layer until completely dry.

When the right number of flowers is made, stick them to the branch in random order. If desired, the composition can be supplemented with dried willow buds, leaves and other decor.

Make stand. Glue dried moss or beautiful lichens inside the container. On the burlap attach twine turns, beads, petals of "flowers".

Lush chrysanthemums can be made without the use of cones. To make flowers, you will need maple lionfish or ash seeds. They have an elongated shape and are very similar to the narrow petals of asters and chrysanthemums. You can make flowers for the topiary by rolling balls from salt dough and inserting the sharp tips of the seeds into them.

For a method of making decor from twigs, you need a pencil sharpener. The process of creating a flower can be combined with sharpening the end of the branch for the topiary. With a sharpener you need to carefully cut the chips from the knot. Twisting into a spiral, it becomes like a small rose. Choosing branches with brightly colored bark (derain, willow, bird cherry, birch), you can get miniature decorative elements for topiary in a variety of colors.

In conclusion, it is proposed to watch a video on the manufacture of an aromatic souvenir using natural fragrant herbs (video 1).

Combining fruits and leaves with dried flowers or a self-made decor, you can create topiaries similar to small trees with an elegant crown. Such souvenirs are called "trees of happiness." It is pleasant to receive a gift made with the soul at any time of the year. Thanks to a variety of natural materials, topiary can be given the symbolic meaning of some of the holidays.

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