Exotic morinda limonolist: medicinal use

Exotic morinda limonolist: medicinal use

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Lemon-leaved Morinda is an evergreen tree that belongs to the Marenova family. It does not occur in our latitudes, but has gained wide popularity due to the fact that some of the substances that make up its composition help in the fight against cancer.

Botanical description of morinda limonifolia (noni grass)

The plant is also called morinda citrus leaves or noni grass, and also a cheese tree and morinda citrifolia. Noni grass actually forms not only grassy and semi-shrubby forms. Most often, it grows to a small tree 4-6 meters high.

Interesting, that at the same time, the depth of the root system reaches 20 meters, so the tree receives enough moisture and easily tolerates drought. The leaves have many veins, the color is dark green. The flowers are small and do not represent value.

Morinda habitat

The motherland of Morinda is the tropical zone of South Asia and the islands of the Pacific Ocean, located in the equatorial part. It is found in different places - on the coasts, rocky shores, in forest thickets and at the foot of volcanoes.


Morinda fruits have a rather pungent smell, as well as a bitter aftertaste. Their aroma is reminiscent of moldy cheese, which is why the plant is called the cheese tree. In appearance they resemble potatoes, and in some tribes form the basis of the local diet.

What is useful morinda lemon leaf

Active ingredients of morinda

Morinda contains quite a few useful substances - both traditional, contained in many other plants, and exotic:

  • xeronine is a unique substance that can not yet be isolated from the human body; it acts as a healing agent for stomach and intestinal ulcers, stimulates appetite, stops cramping, tones muscles and stabilizes heart rate and blood pressure;
  • vitamins and minerals that stimulate metabolic processes in the body and increase immunity;
  • damnakantal and proxeronin inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and also contribute to the natural process of tissue repair.


There is no xeronin per se in the cheese tree, but its chemically inactive form, the so-called proxeronin, is present. When it enters the body. it begins to interact with intestinal enzymes, due to which the body starts the synthesis of its own xeronine, which is of great benefit to the body.

The healing and beneficial properties of morinda

Thanks to such a rich composition, Morinda acts on the body as:

  • antipyretic;
  • restorative and tonic;
  • bactericidal;
  • wound healing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antitumor agent.

Official medicine has not yet recognized the beneficial effects of morinda juice, but the tree has been used for a long time in local folk medicine in the countries of the Pacific equatorial region. Moreover, almost all parts are used:

  • roots
  • fruits with seeds;
  • leaves;
  • bark.

On the benefits of lemonade Morinda juice

The main healing value is the fruit of morinda, from which juice is made, which is commonly known as Noni juice. It includes a whole range of useful substances that have been discussed above. They have a complex effect on the body:

  • antitumor - damnakantal and proxeronin inhibit the growth of cancer cells at the molecular level;
  • cleansing - these same substances contribute to the removal of toxins from the body and thereby cleanse the liver and blood;
  • restorative due to the presence of vitamins A, group B, C and E;
  • stimulating appetite and metabolic processes due to the presence of trace elements (Na, K, P, Ca, Mg);
  • nutritious - amino acids, which are indispensable, also contribute to a good metabolism (this means that the body itself does not synthesize them, therefore, it needs constant intake with food).

Noni juice is produced for a little over 20 years, it can be purchased in specialized stores and consumed according to the instructions. It is interesting that the useful substances of this juice are not lost even during heat treatment, and all the components that make up its composition dissolve well in water, so they are quickly and almost completely absorbed by the body.

The principle of action of Noni juice

The use of morinda in medicine

Morinda is used in the treatment of various diseases:

  • dysbiosis and infectious bowel disorders;
  • violations of the monthly cycle in women of any origin;
  • renal failure;
  • high blood pressure;
  • arthritis of any form;
  • bronchitis, asthma, shortness of breath;
  • heart rhythm disturbances;
  • rheumatism;
  • hemorrhoids.

The components of the cheese tree are also used for cosmetic purposes. Local residents have been using it for several centuries in the form of freshly squeezed fruit juice or decoctions of dried roots, bark and leaves.

Contraindications Morinda

The use of morinda has its own limitations, and quite serious ones:

  1. Children under 12 years old should not drink Noni juice.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women are forbidden categorically, because otherwise uterine bleeding, fraught with miscarriage, can occur.
  3. Morinda-based drugs should not be used for those who are undergoing complex treatment against cancer - the active substances of Noni juice can adversely affect the therapeutic effect of the main drugs.
  4. Traditionally, Noni juice should not be consumed by individuals with individual intolerance to any of its components.

If any side effects occur, you should immediately interrupt the course of treatment and consult a doctor, and then make the right decision whether to continue therapy or not.

The use of Noni in medicine

Minda limonolistnaya is a fairly new plant for researchers, since its healing properties are still being studied. But the medical potential of juice, healing substances of the cheese tree is already understood. Therefore, there are many reasons to think that the plant will become one of the main drugs in the fight against cancer.

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