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Dogrose (rose Canina): a description of the appearance and healing properties

Dogrose (rose Canina): a description of the appearance and healing properties

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Dogrose (rose Canina) - a famous plant that scares with its prickly spikes, but attracts with special healing properties. The popularity of shrubs comes from antiquity.

What dog rosehip looks like (rose Canina)

Shrub looks like a wild forest rose. That is why the second name of the wild rose, better known among the people, is a wild rose. The height of the bush is more than a meter. The bush rises up and to the sides. Due to the thorns that cover the stems and leaves, he clings to all nearby growing plants and moves in different directions. The rose has beautiful flowers. Their description is different from pink inflorescences. Color varies under the sun, depending on the soil and climatic features of the area. They are pale pink, pale red.

Rose hips have no smell. A bud leaf consists of 5-7 separate petals. The shape of it is a curved ellipse. The fetus develops from the receptacle. It looks like an oval berry of orange-red color. At the base there remains a branched part, inside the nut. These are the seeds.

Dog Rosehip Locations

The type of shrub grows almost everywhere. But its main place of growth along the shores of the Baltic and Lake Ladoga. There he is a hedge. It is impossible to go through it.

The bush of a dog rose chooses various places of growth:

  • at the edge of the forest;
  • in between;
  • among other shrubs;
  • hedges;
  • slopes.

How to distinguish Canina rose from other types of rose hips

The difference between Canina roses and other prickly shrubs is possible according to several characteristics: flowers, shoots, arrangement of branches.

Leaflets resemble mountain ash in shape, but the edges are prickly and ragged. On each branch there are up to 7 leaf petals. The berries are round in shape. Fruits are combined in a bunch of up to 7 pieces. The bush is beautifully decorated with flowers that cover the stems from the ground to the top.

Useful properties of rose hips

The active substances of dog rosehips

Beneficial substances are in the shell of the fruit. The main active content is vitamin C. In addition to it, in the fruits of wild roses are:

groups P, K, A and B. In seeds - group E.

Other substances and trace elements of the fruit:

  • carotene;
  • flavonoids;
  • kempferol;
  • quercetin;
  • fixing;
  • pectins;
  • acidic compounds of lemon and apple;
  • ether
  • oil;
  • sugar.

Among the chemical compounds contains a large amount of iron Fe, manganese Mg, phosphorus P, potassium.

Leaves are rich in tannic elements and phenolcarboxylic acid compounds:

  • Gaul;
  • vanilla;
  • ferulic;
  • salicyl;
  • ellagic.

Wild rose berries are saturated with ascorbic acid vitamin:

  • 10 times more than in blackcurrant berries;
  • 50 times - in the pulp of a lemon.

The healing and beneficial properties of Canina roses

The berries of the bush due to the huge number of multivitamins and other important components allow you to use them as healing compounds. The actions of tinctures and medicines from roses:

  • choleretic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • diuretics;
  • wound healing;
  • hemostatic;
  • antiviral.

Medicinal formulations help regulate the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, preserve the epithelium of the kidneys. There is a normalization of oxidative-inflammatory processes. Medicinal formulations reduce the rate of development of atherosclerosis, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

  1. Vitamin of group P strengthens capillary vessels, improves the elasticity of the walls.
  2. Carotene strengthens the immune system and the protective properties of the body.
  3. B vitamins activate the production of enzymes, hematopoiesis.
  4. Vitamin of group K is involved in the formation of prothrombin, and blood coagulation returns to normal.

With the fruits create different consistencies of medicinal formulations:

  • syrup;
  • infusion and tincture;
  • extract;
  • powder.

Useful properties and various formulations help with the following pathologies:

  • vitamin deficiency: infusion of fruits.
  • anemia: tea.
  • atherosclerosis: therapeutic infusion of berries.
  • scarlet fever: juice and tea concentrate.
  • pneumonia: strong infusion.
  • whooping cough: fresh fruit, tea.
  • diphtheria: infusion on water and extract.
  • uterine bleeding: a strong infusion of fruits.
  • kidney stone disease: decoction of the roots.
  • eczema: tincture of vodka, reaching a brown color.
  • stomach ulcers, 12-finger or trophic: fresh berries, oil, infusion.

The compositions help with the healing of wounds that are not amenable to treatment for a long time, increase the secretory functions of the stomach, and normalize metabolism.

Collection and procurement of medicinal raw materials

Harvest fruits in late autumn, sometimes after the first frost. They are dried. But before drying, each berry is cut in order to remove seeds from them. More often than not, only fruits are left behind for home recipes.seeds will be required for other compounds. Drying requires high temperatures. Therefore, the raw materials are laid on a hot surface.

Sometimes artificial drying is carried out in special containers. Drying temperature 40 degrees. The finished medicinal material is placed in boxes or bags with a tight seal.

Dog medicine rose recipes

The most popular alternative medicine is tea. It is prepared as a prophylactic agent used every day to increase immunity.. Tea can relieve the symptoms of colds. It is refreshing and energizing. Rosehip has a positive effect on the adrenal glands. Tea is taken when the infection passes amid high fever and weakness. Drink is advised to drink to people at an age when the intestine does not perceive the vitamins it needs. Due to pectins, the composition produces a laxative effect.

How to brew a rosehip

Tea recipe

The brewing tank is prepared in a volume of 200 ml. Fruits will need 2 tsp. The liquid is heated and boiled for more than 10 minutes, the solution is infused for 15 minutes. The drink retains its beneficial qualities throughout the day; it can be prepared or stored in a thermos.

Tea with linden flowers

Berries of the bush take 25 g, the same number of linden flowers. Plants are poured with cold water, then heated and boiled. Drink with honey or lemon juice.


An extract of oil consistency is made from the seeds. It is prescribed for lesions of the skin. Of particular importance is the oil for women: cracked nipples.

Infusion of peeled rose hips

Take 20 g of fruit grass, fill the floor with a liter of hot boiling water, hold for 10 minutes over high heat, leave for 6 hours, strain and take half a glass. The solution can be stored for 2 days, then a new one is prepared.

Sweet syrup

Fresh berries are cleaned from seeds and shell. The resulting mixture is twisted in a meat grinder, then poured and boiled, then sugar is added and boiled again. The syrup is cooled and filtered. Store in small portions in small containers.


The tool is prepared on an extract of syrup from berries. The liquid is thickened and used for cholecystitis, exacerbation of hepatitis.

Compositions for medicines are made from shells

40g of shells are poured with oil, vegetable or olive is suitable. They are kept in the dark for 12 days, filtered and squeezed. The tool helps with skin diseases and eczema.

Root preparations

The peeled roots are crushed, steamed in hot boiling water and kept on fire for 15 minutes. Leave to cool and clean.

Contraindications and harm to dog rose

Wild rosehip has a number of contraindications. Acceptance of funds can lead to a glut of vitamins, there is a failure in the systems. Excessive amounts adversely affect blood levels. Some patients should refuse drugs based on the Kanin rose:

  • increased acidity;
  • thrombophlebitis and tendency to it;
  • heart and vascular diseases;
  • inflammation of the inner lining of the heart.

Berries cause an increase in pressure, dystonia, hypotension, hypertension. Infusions of alcohol increase the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack. Some patients have an allergic reaction, which is why infusions are chosen according to the strength and saturation of the composition. The most common reactions to the fetus:

  • discoloration of the skin;
  • rashes;
  • hives;
  • itching

How to distinguish a rose from a rosehip

Limit the amount of medicine for diabetes. Do not prescribe medication to children until a possible reaction is checked.

Rosa Canina is an excellent remedy for many diseases. Cooking it will not deliver labor. It is not difficult to collect fruits, as well as to find them in the forest. The list of pathologies for which rosehip will help is so wide that there is practically no ailment that has remained aloof from the help of medicinal fruits.

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