Standard tomato varieties

Standard tomato varieties

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In nature, there are more than two thousand different varieties and hybrids of tomato. They differ not only in taste, size and shape of the fruit, but also in height, bush shape and agrotechnical characteristics. So, all tomatoes can be divided into tall and undersized. The undersized varieties include standard tomatoes. They have a number of advantages over other types of tomatoes and are especially popular with gardeners.


Standard tomato varieties are distinguished by a compact root system, which does not allow the plant to form tall bushes. Such tomatoes are unpretentious in care, they can be successfully grown even by novice farmers. Standard tomatoes have a lot of advantages:

  • plants have a low, strong, erect trunk, which does not require a reinforced garter;
  • the root system is located in the upper layers of the soil, effectively absorbing moisture and nutrients;
  • short plants can be planted thicker than tall counterparts, thereby increasing the yield from 1m2 soil;
  • standard tomatoes are resistant to low temperatures and drought;
  • the growth of green mass does not require much time and effort, which contributes to the accelerated formation of ovaries and ripening of fruits;
  • stepchildren on standard bushes are formed in small numbers and practically do not develop during the growing process;
  • the absence of developed stepchildren allows the plant to concentrate forces on the formation of more fruits, increasing the yield;
  • some compact varieties of tomatoes can be grown not only in greenhouses and in open areas, but also on balconies, loggias, window sills;
  • standard tomatoes take root well after picking seedlings into the ground;
  • fruits of such varieties are excellently stored and do not lose their commercial qualities during transportation.

Due to the above advantages, standard tomatoes are especially popular. They are grown by professional farmers and novice farmers. Breeders, in turn, offer gardeners a wide variety of varieties, with different colors, shapes, and fruit tastes.

Popular varieties

Standard tomatoes are represented by varieties and hybrids of domestic and foreign selection. All of them have the above advantages and some features of agricultural technology. At the same time, from a wide variety, the most popular varieties of standard tomatoes can be distinguished. Their detailed description is given below.


This tomato can be found under two names: "Brawler" and "Fighter". The variety is subdivided into red and yellow-fruited. The height of these plants does not exceed 45 cm. Low-growing bushes are planted in open ground or under a film shelter with a frequency of 7-9 pcs / m2... The period from sowing seeds to active ripening of fruits is 95 days. It is possible to grow Buyan tomatoes in the southern, middle and northwestern regions of Russia. The culture is resistant to bacterial diseases. Its yield varies from 3 to 5 kg / m2.

The shape of the tomatoes is cylindrical, the color is red (yellow). The stalk has a characteristic green spot that changes color as the vegetables ripen. The average weight of a tomato is 67-88 g. You can see the fruits of the "Buyan" variety in the photo below.


Ultra-early ripening variety, the fruits of which ripen in 80-85 days from the day of sowing. Grow tomatoes "Gavroche" in open and protected ground, while mainly using the seedling method of cultivation. 1 m2 it is recommended to plant 9 plants in the soil, since they are not very leafy and their height does not exceed 50 cm. The variety is resistant to late blight.

Tomatoes "Gavroche" are red, round. Their average weight is about 50 g. The taste of vegetables is excellent: the pulp is sweet, dense, the skin is thin. You can use tomatoes for whole-fruit canning, pickling, pickling. The yield of the variety is 1 kg from 1 bush or 9 kg / m2.

Far North

Standard early ripening variety of tomatoes. It is grown mainly on open plots of land. The height of the bushes does not exceed 60 cm. At 1 m2 soil should be placed no more than 7 plants. From the day of sowing to the mass ripening of fruits, it takes about 100 days. A distinctive feature of the variety is the amicable ripening of fruits. The culture is resistant to root and apical rot and late blight.

Fruits of the "Far North" variety are rounded, red. Their average weight is 60-80 g. The taste of vegetables is excellent. The purpose of tomatoes is universal.

Important! The "Far North" variety has an exceptionally high yield, which can reach 17 kg / m2.


An early ripe variety, the fruits of which ripen in 85-90 days. Tomatoes "Alpha" are grown on open ground. When cultivating, it is recommended to use the seedling method. It is necessary to dive plants with a frequency of 7-9 bushes per 1 m2 soil. The height of the bushes does not exceed 50 cm.The determinant variety bears fruit in a volume of 6.5 kg / m2.

Round tomatoes are red in color. Their mass varies from 60 to 80 g. Tomatoes have a special aroma, sweet taste. Use fruits in fresh, canned form.


Despite the fact that the Antoshka variety is a standard variety, the height of its bushes can reach 1 m. Plants can be grown in open and protected ground. The recommended scheme for planting bushes involves picking 5-7 plants per 1 m2... The period from sowing a seed to mass ripening of fruits is 95 days.

Important! The Antoshka variety has excellent resistance to low temperatures and can be cultivated in harsh climates.

Round-shaped tomatoes have a lemon-yellow color. Their flesh is quite dense and sweet. The mass of tomatoes can range from 50 to 100 g. The total crop yield is approximately 6 kg / m2... Vegetables can be used for whole-fruit pickling, canning.

Cheerful gnome

An early ripe variety of tomatoes. Its fruits ripen in 90-100 days from the day of sowing the seeds. Tomatoes "Cheerful Gnome" are grown in the open field, having 7-9 bushes per 1 m2... Standard, deterministic variety bears fruit in the amount of 6 kg / m2... Moreover, the height of its bushes does not exceed 50 cm.

Tomatoes of this variety have a fancy cylindrical shape. Their weight is about 80-90 g. The pulp of the fruit is very firm, perfect for making fresh salads and ketchup.

Amur bole

This variety is especially popular with Russian gardeners. It is perfectly adapted to harsh climatic conditions, possesses cold resistance, and is unpretentious in cultivation. Tomatoes "Amurskiy bole" are cultivated in the open field. It takes about 85-95 days for the fruit to ripen. With the very minimum care, the crop yield reaches 5 kg / m2, however, with fertilization, timely watering and loosening, this indicator can be significantly increased. The height of the determinant plant does not exceed 50 cm.

The fruits of the Amurskiy Shtamb variety are large enough, weighing from 100 to 200 g each. Their shape is round or flat-round. The pulp is fleshy, the skin is thin. The color of the tomatoes is red. You can see their photos below.


Deterministic standard tomato variety for outdoor cultivation. The period of fruit ripening is mid-early: from the day of emergence to the mass ripening of fruits, it takes from 85 to 120 days. The plant is resistant to late blight. When growing it, it is recommended to use the seedling method. 1 m2 8-10 bushes should be placed in the soil, the height of which does not exceed 45 cm.

Tomatoes of the "Shuttle" variety are red, fleshy, do not crack. Their shape is elongated-oval, weight is about 60 g. The total crop yield reaches 8 kg / m2.


There are a lot of standard undersized tomato varieties. The best of them are described above. However, to get a good harvest, it is not enough to choose good seeds; it is necessary to grow the plants correctly, following the rules of care. The main points on growing stunted tomatoes are shown in the video:

Growing standard tomatoes does not require special knowledge and effort. Even a novice farmer can cope with this task. At the same time, the yield of such varieties is not inferior to tall analogues. That is why standard fruit tomatoes are gaining more and more attention of gardeners. A wide variety of varieties allows you to choose plants, the fruits of which will fully satisfy the taste preferences of everyone.


Natalia Korolko, 41 years old, Vyshkov

I always grow only standard tomatoes. This allows you not to worry about pinching and other activities for the formation of a bush. My favorite variety is "Cheerful Gnome". There are practically no seed chambers in it, the pulp is dense and very sweet, aromatic. I mainly grow them in order to eat in the summer season. Tomatoes "Shuttle" are excellent for preserving winter preparations. They are small and look good in a jar. Dense pulp allows vegetables to keep their shape after heat treatment.

Anastasia Pavlova, 53 years old, Voskresensk

I love the Amur bole tomatoes very much. Small bushes of this variety bear large, tasty fruits in large quantities. In growing, these tomatoes are unpretentious. The taste and external characteristics of the fruit are excellent.

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