Long-handled garden shears

Long-handled garden shears

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Nowadays, a lot of equipment is produced, powered by electricity or internal combustion engines, which facilitates the work of the gardener. Despite this, hand tools are always in demand. Most often, garden shears or pruners are used to care for green spaces. They remove dry and excess branches, cut shrubs, and inoculate trees. There are many varieties of this tool. Each of them is designed to perform specific tasks.

Varieties of the instrument

If you think that pruning shears and pruning shears are one tool, then you are greatly mistaken. Another mistake of an inexperienced gardener is the opinion that the pruner is needed only for pruning branches and its different forms - this is just a whim of the manufacturer. Speaking about these garden tools, it should be noted that they are divided into two main groups:

  • The pruner is really necessary for pruning branches in trees and shrubs. But the question is why you need to trim them. This can be the usual removal of unnecessary and dry shoots or the implementation of grafting. For each task, there is a specific pruning shear design, differing in blades, handles and overall shape.
  • Garden shears, on the other hand, are not meant to cut branches. They cut soft vegetation. There are many varieties of garden shears. All of them are designed to perform specific tasks.

Now you understand what is the difference between pruning shears and pruning shears. But these are only two large groups. Now we will consider what kind of instrument is included in each of them.

Advice! To care for your garden, you need to purchase both types of tools. Moreover, it is advisable to take not one copy at a time, but to choose several pieces from each group.

The video provides an overview of garden pruners:

Varieties of secateurs

All pruners have the same purpose - cutting branches, but the specifics of this action are different. This group of garden tools is divided into five subgroups:

  • Vaccination models. The purpose of the tool is already clear from the name. Pruners are used to cut branches from a tree in order to plant another variety, such as pears, in this place. It has very sharp knives of a specific shape, which make even cuts.
  • The long-handled pruner is called a two-handed tool. It is intended for cutting thick branches. Due to the ratchet gear, a large force is transmitted from the handles to the knives.
  • A rod tool is used to remove branches at a height. This type of pruner is also called a delimber. The principle of its structure is similar to the two-handed model. The force on the knives is transmitted by a telescopic bar.
  • Removal of knots, dry thick branches is performed with a pruner, on the knife of which there is an anvil. The tool is able to bite through wood up to 3 cm thick. If the effort of the hands is not enough, they hit the anvil with a hammer.
  • The universal model is used simply for pruning thin branches. This tool is usually referred to as the standard tool. For a novice gardener, such a pruner is suitable for pruning any greenery.

Choose a pruner based on the proposed work in the garden. For a large farm, it is desirable to have all types of tools available.

Advice! If you have a small garden in your country house, and you are not going to be vaccinated, then it is enough to purchase a universal and barbell model.

Varieties of garden shears

In the garden, you have to cut not only trees, but also other green spaces with soft stems. For these purposes, garden shears are intended, characterized by an elongated shape of knives and handles.

Important! You cannot cut soft green vegetation with pruning shears. The strength of the stems is not enough for him and from this they will simply crumple under the knives.

Among the garden shears, there are the following varieties:

  • The hedge trimmer is similar in shape to ordinary household scissors only in large sizes. Instead of the usual finger rings, the tool has elongated handles. The knives are also oblong like those of simple scissors. There are different types of brush cutters. Basically, they differ in the length of the handles and knives. There are also brush cutters with wavy blades. They are convenient for cutting off thick branches of bushes.
  • For cutting grass, there are garden shears with long arms and a curved blade. They can replace an expensive trimmer if you need to care for a small lawn. Work with scissors while standing. Only knives that are horizontal to the ground move through the grass. Different models of scissors differ in the length of the handles and blades, and there are also models with rotary knives.
  • Electric clippers are powered by plugging into an outlet. Although, most models have a battery so that you can work autonomously. In addition to mowing lawn grass, the tool will cope with large weeds. Electric shears are used for cutting roots and trimming ornamental shrubs. Like any power tool, scissors are divided into household and professional models. Electric shears differ in power, duration of continuous work, frequency of movement of knives, as well as other parameters.

From all the existing variety of garden shears, you can choose the right model that can meet the needs of every gardener.

Popular Fiskars secateurs

Fiskars secateurs are a reliable garden tool. The Finnish manufacturer is famous for the quality and reasonable cost of its goods. The secateurs can be operated with a lever drive. Special sharpening of knives allows you to easily cut branches from trees, which will not be difficult to use the tool for the fairer sex.

Fiskars introduced two types of pruning shears to users:

  • Flat-type models are convenient for quick work in the garden. The main purpose is pruning young branches of trees and shrubs. The shape of the knives is as close as possible to the blades of the scissors, which allows for a perfectly straight cut. Knives are made of hardened steel, slightly corrosive. The edges of the blades are coated to reduce damage to the branch during cutting.
  • Contact-type models are used for trimming hard tree species, as well as removing dry branches. The blade is equipped with an anvil that can be hit with a hammer. The knives are made of hardened steel and the cutting edge is Teflon coated.

Fiskars secateurs, as well as any other firm, should be properly stored and used to keep the knives sharp longer. The tool must not be thrown into the ground or left in damp conditions. During sharpening, use only a bar. A grinder or a sharpener overheats the steel, as a result of which it becomes soft and quickly dulls.

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