Cherry Rondo

Cherry Rondo is a special variety popular with gardeners. The tree has a number of undeniable advantages over other horticultural crops. This species is resistant to frost and drought. It can be planted in regions with a changeable climate. Early fruits delight with a juicy sweet taste. Rondo is a versatile variety that is in demand among ordinary summer residents, commercial gardeners.

Breeding history

The Rondo variety was removed from the view of the Leningradskaya yellow cherry in 1995. The scientific experiment was carried out by T.V. Morozova. I. Michurin on the germinated seeds of Leningradskaya was influenced by a special mutagen of a chemical nature. The result was the yellow cherry Rondo.

A photo of the Rondo cherry tree can be seen below:

Description of culture

Cherry Rondo is a versatile plant. Due to the peculiarities of growth, flowering, ripening of fruits, it is successfully used in gardening in many regions.

Rondo is a medium-sized tree. It grows rapidly. The bark is brown, slightly flaky. The leaves of the plant are narrow, oval. They form a light green crown. It is thin, wide, shaped like a pyramid. Rondo begins to bloom early - in the middle of spring. A scattering of white flowers with a pink tint appears on the branches. They are quite large, round in shape.

Sweet cherries begin to bear fruit 4-5 years after planting. The yield of the tree is regular. Rondo fruits ripen early. They reach maturity at the end of June. They can be ripped off. Rounded berries. Their standard weight reaches 5 g. Fruits are golden-yellow in color with a very juicy pulp. The stone is small, smooth. It separates well, does not spoil the cherries. Berry without harmful impurities. It mainly consists of sugar, ascorbic acid. The fruits are able to maintain their taste for a long time.

A photo of the Rondo cherry fruits demonstrates their beautiful appearance:

Important! Rondo berries do not tolerate transportation well. They are overly soft. For this reason, commercial gardeners avoid long distance transport.

The Rondo variety will yield crops in a wide variety of climates. The winter hardiness of the plant allows it to take root at fairly low temperatures. The tree also responds well to dry weather. It loves sunlight, warmth.

The universal sweet cherry tolerates the cold of the northern regions, the heat of the southern regions. This allows the plant to be planted in different areas:

  1. Siberia, Ural. The short warm season of the regions can negatively affect the yield of the tree. It must be planted in the most illuminated areas, hidden from the north wind. With the onset of cold weather, create a good shelter for him.
  2. Central regions, Leningrad region.
  3. Southwest directions (Crimea, Kuban). The hot climate of Rondo also tolerates well. The variety will thrive in these areas. The berries will be saturated with the sun and warmth. Sweet cherry will delight the owners with a rich harvest. During periods of excessive drought, the tree needs to provide high-quality, regular watering. Artificial shade will help protect foliage from burns.

Each climatic zone has its own characteristics that should be taken into account when planting, during care. Description of the variety Cherry Rondo will allow you not to miss every nuance necessary for fruitful interaction with the plant.


The Rondo variety has a number of specific characteristics that play an important role in the care of the plant. They affect its growth, flowering, fruit ripening, size and quality of the crop. Taking into account the peculiarities of this variety of cherries, you can grow healthy trees in your garden plot.

Drought resistance, winter hardiness

The Rondo tree is a versatile plant. It is winter-hardy, drought-resistant. This is one of its main advantages. Sweet cherry tolerates low temperatures well. Berries are subject to long-term storage. It is protected from cold winds, shady areas. Rondo is a sun-loving plant.

Pollination, flowering period and ripening times

Sweet cherry is a self-fertile variety. Pollinators for Rondo cherries can be: Pink Pearl, Michurinka. The flowering time of the tree is quite early. Flowers bloom from mid-spring. The fruits ripen in June.

Productivity, fruiting

The cherry will delight with the first fruits in 4-5 years after planting the seedlings. The yield of the tree is regular, abundant. By the end of June, up to 80 centners of berries are harvested from 1 hectare.

Scope of berries

You can use the juicy fruits of Rondo in different ways. They are processed for cooking compotes, preserves, jam. They make an excellent fruit wine. Juicy fruits are consumed intact, as a dessert.

Disease and pest resistance

The yellow cherry of the Rondo variety is highly resistant to most types of lesions. The tree can infect only a few types of diseases: gum flow, phallostiktosis, clasterosporium disease.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cherry Rondo has a number of undeniable advantages over other horticultural crops:

  1. Winter hardiness. Positive moment for tree cultivation in northern regions.
  2. Early fruiting. The berries ripen at the end of June.
  3. Drought resistance. Allows you to plant cherries in particularly hot areas without compromising the yield.
  4. Resistance to plant diseases, pests.

One of the main characteristics of the Rondo cherry variety is the excessive tenderness of the fruit. Because of this, they are poorly transported, losing their presentation. This disadvantage is more likely for commercial gardeners. The rest of the connoisseurs of juicy berries consider their softness a virtue.

Video about the full description of the Rondo cherry:

Landing features

Growing Rondo cherries will not cause much trouble if simple recommendations are taken into account when planting, leaving.

Recommended timing

Saplings are planted in early spring. This should be done before the first buds swell.

Choosing the right place

The tree must be protected from drafts. Despite the frost resistance of the Rondo cherry, it does not react well to gusty, cold winds. The landing site should be well lit. Options from the southern, southwestern sides of the site are best suited.

What crops can and cannot be planted next to cherries

It is worth planting next to the cherries:

  • cherries;
  • grapes;
  • hawthorn.

Advice! Rondo cherries can be planted alongside cherries as a pollinator. This neighborhood improves the yield of both crops.

Trees with a lush crown (pear, apple) should not be placed close. They will shade the plant. Raspberries, currants, gooseberries are unwanted neighbors. Their root system quickly spreads, hindering the growth of the tree.

Selection and preparation of planting material

The tree is planted in early spring. It is necessary to prepare for it in advance. To plant cherry seedlings you will need:

  • shovel;
  • fertilizers for young shoots;
  • cuttings;
  • water for irrigation;
  • device for loosening the soil.

Landing algorithm

The correct planting of the Rondo begins in the fall:

  1. Well preparation. Their width should be at least 80 cm. Depth - up to 60 cm. Fertilizer mixed with a layer of earth is poured inside. The soil is loosened. Leave in this state until spring.
  2. Before the direct planting of seedlings, two types of feeding are added to the holes.
  3. The stalk is lowered, covered with soil, tamped, loosened.
  4. Depressions are dug around the new planting, where water is poured.

Planting the Rondo variety won't be a hassle. Simple instructions will allow even a novice summer resident to complete the task.

Follow-up care of the culture

Caring for Rondo cherries is an easy process. For the full development of the tree, it is enough to follow simple recommendations:

  1. Fertilize the plant twice during the season - in spring and autumn.
  2. A mandatory procedure for a plant is pruning branches. The shoots of the tree grow extremely quickly. They must be shortened in the spring, before the buds swell. Before the fruit ripens, the one-year-old branches are shortened by half.
  3. In autumn and spring, tree trunks are opened with whitewash.
  4. Before the cold weather, the bottom of the cherry is covered with dry leaves and needles.
  5. The planting is regularly watered. Especially during dry periods.

Diseases and pests, methods of control and prevention



Control method, prevention

Gum therapy

It spreads along the trunk, branches, leaves, fruits in the form of a viscous adhesive liquid

Affected shoots must be pruned immediately. The rest of the tree is treated with garden varnish, putty


Cherry leaves are affected. They become covered with brown spots, on which holes are formed. This leads to the drying out of the tree, the crown falling off.

To eliminate the consequences, it is necessary to remove the diseased areas. Treat the cuts with sorrel leaves. The plant is sprayed with a solution of copper sulfate

Clasterosporium disease

It affects all parts of the tree: trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits. The cherry is covered with brown spots. They quickly turn into holes

Pruning, treatment with a special solution can save the plant from death

The main pests for Rondo cherries are birds. They love berries. Nets made to cover trees will be saved from their devastating raids.

Advice! For the prevention of spotted diseases in early spring, cherries are treated with a solution of copper sulfate.

In order to avoid the development of destructive plant diseases, it is important to take timely, high-quality care of the tree.


Cherry Rondo is a versatile variety for growing in a variety of climatic conditions. Sweet, juicy berries are the highlight of the unique tree. The absence of flaws in the plant makes it a desirable planting on every personal plot.


Evgenia Slavkina, 45 years old, Samara

The Rondo variety was planted 6 years ago. For two years now we have been enjoying the abundant harvest of juicy berries. The tree does not require laborious maintenance. We regularly water, fertilize, prune. I never had to save from pests. The plant is really resistant to their influence. We live in the central region of Russia. The winters are cold. Sweet cherry survives wintering well with additional insulation.

Andrey Lipsky, 60 years old, Penza

I wanted to plant delicious cherries for my grandchildren. I chose the variety for a long time according to reviews. I didn’t want to take care of the tree very thoroughly. Health does not allow working in the garden for a long time. The Rondo variety became my choice. He fit all the criteria. Planted 5 years ago. I have never regretted it. Yellow berries were recently harvested. Pleased with a delicate taste. My grandchildren and I recommend only this type of cherry.

Anastasia Vilkina, 35 years old, Orsha

I love cherries and cherries very much. I wanted to combine two landings. I doubted for a long time whether it was possible to do this. I read user reviews. It turns out that the two trees are closely friends. Planted 4 years ago. This year I was harvesting a double crop. The trees delighted us with an incredible amount of delicious berries.

Watch the video: Laminadora automática Rondo Rondostar 4000 (May 2021).