Pepper Golden Miracle: reviews + photos

Getting a good harvest of sweet peppers, and even from your seedlings grown from your own seeds, is far from the easiest thing. Especially if you do not live in the south of Russia and are not the happy owner of a polycarbonate or at least a film greenhouse. Beginners in the gardening business traditionally consider Bulgarian pepper to be difficult, capricious to care for and a very thermophilic plant with which it is difficult to find a common language. But everything is not so scary if you choose a suitable variety that has real resistance to the numerous vagaries of the weather and diseases of the nightshade, to the family of which sweet bell peppers have the honor to belong.

There are many such varieties, but the Golden Miracle pepper, with the characteristics and description of the variety of which you will get acquainted later in this article, has not in vain been loved by gardeners for more than 10 years. After all, its fruits are also very beautiful. The not so common yellow hue of peppers with an attractive gloss on the skin indicates a variety of useful substances that the fruits of this variety contain. Not to mention the fact that the color of the pepper alone can cheer you up and decorate any vegetable dish, be it a salad or a vegetable stew. It is not for nothing that the variety was given such a beautiful speaking name. Pepper plays the role of a real miracle in the garden, on the table, and in winter preparations.

Description of the variety

The Zolotoe Miracle pepper variety was bred by the efforts of breeders of the Poisk agrofirm in the early 2000s. In 2007, it was successfully included in the State Register of Russia with equally suitable recommendations for growing both in the open field and in a variety of greenhouses or greenhouses.

For novice gardeners, however, it is not so much the wording itself that is important, as the designation of specific dates in which the ripening of the fruits of this variety can be expected. On average, if you count from the moment the shoots appear, then 110-115 days pass before the technical ripening of the fruits of the Golden Miracle variety. In order to wait for the biological maturity of the fruits, that is, their full color in the color that is characteristic of this variety, it will be necessary to wait another 5-12 days, depending on weather conditions. If the weather does not allow waiting for the biological maturation of the peppers on the bushes, then they can be collected, and they will ripen perfectly at home, in a warm and relatively dry place.

Plants of the Golden Miracle pepper grow medium in size, not exceeding 50-60 cm in height. The growth form of the fruits - traditional for sweet peppers - is drooping.

The yield of the variety does not pretend to be any record figures, but remains in the middle range - about 4-5 kg ​​per square meter. Thus, you can collect 6-8 rather large and very beautiful fruits from one pepper bush.

The most important advantage of the Golden Miracle variety is its good adaptability to a variety of climatic conditions. After all, pepper, whatever one may say, is a very thermophilic plant by nature. But the Golden Miracle variety shows truly miracles of adaptability to low temperatures. Even a cold and cloudy summer will not be able to affect its ability to set fruits, so you are guaranteed a yield in any weather. This property can become indispensable for those who have not yet risked growing sweet peppers in their area, fearing that it will not ripen or freeze. A considerable advantage is the reduced sensitivity of the Golden Miracle variety to various diseases, and, above all, to fusarium. This allows you to grow peppers without unnecessary chemical treatments and, thus, preserve the ecological purity of your site.

Fruit characteristics

The fruits of the Orange Miracle are his real pride. It's not for nothing that they are even often confused with the king of all sweet peppers - the California miracle variety. In many of their characteristics, they are not much inferior to them.

  • The shape of the peppers is prismatic, often slightly elongated.
  • The fruits grow up to 12-15 cm in length and 8-9 cm in width, the average weight of one pepper is 180-200 grams.
  • Peppers are characterized by a strong gloss on the skin, they are crispy with a thick wall reaching 7-8 mm.
  • During the period of technical maturity, the color of the fruits is green, as they ripen, they acquire a yellowish tint, which becomes saturated dark yellow at the stage of full biological maturity.
  • The peppers taste good, they are sweet, fleshy and juicy. The commercial qualities deserve the maximum appreciation.
  • They have a pronounced peppery aroma.
  • The purpose of the fruits is universal - they are good both fresh and in the manufacture of various first and second courses. Peppers of the Golden Miracle variety look very beautiful in blanks for the winter. They can also be easily frozen and dried.
  • The fruits tolerate long-distance transportation and can be safely stored under suitable conditions for up to three weeks.

Pros and cons of the variety

There are many advantages of the Golden Miracle pepper variety:

  • High adaptability to temperature extremes;
  • Versatility of development - grows well, both in greenhouses and in open ground;
  • Good keeping quality and suitability for transportation;
  • Long fruiting period;
  • High concentration of healthy elements;
  • Nice presentation;
  • It successfully resists diseases and pests.

Among the disadvantages of the variety, in addition to the general features inherent in almost all sweet peppers, a relatively low yield can be noted.

Growing features

In most Russian regions, gardeners will have to start growing seedlings of Golden Miracle pepper at home, starting in March. In the south, you can try sowing seeds in late March - early April in greenhouses and growing pepper bushes for the first two months in relatively comfortable conditions. It must be borne in mind that the seeds of the Golden Miracle pepper without additional processing can germinate for a very long time - up to three weeks. Therefore, if you need faster germination, it is advisable to soak the seeds a day before sowing in one of the growth stimulants.

Seedlings of peppers are no more difficult to grow than tomato seedlings, you just need to be prepared for the fact that peppers develop somewhat slower than tomatoes. Otherwise, they need approximately the same conditions for development: moderate heat (about + 20 ° C), moderate watering (neither overdrying nor waterlogging of an earthen coma should be allowed), and an abundance of light.

Important! It is necessary to dive the seedlings of peppers with great care, it is advisable to do this no later than the moment the first pair of true leaves unfolds.

A week or two after the picking, it is advisable to feed the seedlings with a complex fertilizer with a full set of microelements in a chelated form.

Plants of the Golden Miracle variety are planted on a permanent place of growth when the soil warms up to at least + 12 ° + 15 ° С and the threat of frost return has passed. Cabbages, cucumbers, and legumes are good precursors for peppers. When planting, 30-35 cm is left between the plants in a row, and the row spacing can be increased to 50 cm.

As mentioned above, the fruits of the Golden Miracle variety set well even in the most unfavorable conditions, so it does not require additional processing. But he needs feeding for the ripening of a full-fledged crop. Usually, superphosphate and potassium sulfate are used for feeding; solutions of humates and EM preparations can also be used.

Advice! During cultivation, peppers especially need abundant and regular watering. Under such a condition, the fruits will be able to gain the proper mass, and the walls will become thick and juicy.

It is possible to harvest the fruits of the Golden Miracle variety from the end of July to the beginning of August, and if the weather conditions are favorable, the harvesting period can last until the first frost.

Reviews of gardeners

Many gardeners like this variety of peppers for its relative unpretentiousness and beauty, so reviews about it are mostly favorable. It is not for nothing that in many lists of the most popular and unpretentious varieties among yellow peppers, the Golden Miracle is often in the first place.

Tatiana, 34 years old, Taganrog

I have been working on the garden not so long ago. I have been growing the Golden Miracle pepper for the second year already, because last year everything worked out for me the first time - I sowed the seeds, grew my seedlings and got a good harvest. Before that, to be honest, I mostly bought seedlings. And now she even collected seeds from the fruits and sowed them at the end of February for seedlings. I hope everything works out well again. The peppers are very beautiful and delicious.

Maxim, 39 years old, Kaluga

Several times I tried to grow sweet peppers in the open field and the crop, albeit small, I got only once, when I planted the Golden Miracle variety. I do not have a greenhouse, and in summer, as luck would have it, it rains and it is cold, then the heat is terrible and the peppers do not grow and develop well. And this variety set up several fruits at once on each bush, and then, when I picked them still green, the fruits continued to form. I liked them very much, and I will continue to grow them without fail.

Anna, 44 years old, Saratov

I have been growing various peppers for a long time and among the yellow-fruited ones I was interested in the Golden Miracle variety. It is easy to care for, not afraid of temperature changes, so it can be planted under arcs with lutrasil in mid-late May. And the peppers are so elegant, thick-walled that you can eat for sale and eat yourself. True, it does not pretend to have record yields, but it is a variety and it can be propagated next season with its seeds. And you don't need to buy your own seeds, and they usually germinate much better than purchased ones.


Pepper The Golden Miracle cannot but interest, first of all, beginners in the gardening business. Because, he will be able to forgive you for small errors in cultivation, and even if you forget to water or feed him once again. Well, with good care, it will delight you with beautiful and juicy fruits.

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