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Common wormwood: healing and beneficial properties of Chernobyl

Common wormwood: healing and beneficial properties of Chernobyl

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How many of us have not seen wormwood walking in the woods or on the road to the lake? This plant ruthlessly breaks out in dachas and gardens, but do not treat it so disdainfully. Wormwood can help in the treatment of certain diseases, relieve parasites and relieve pain.

Botanical description and area of ​​common wormwood

Not everyone knows that the other name for common wormwood (or Artemisia Vulgarius in Latin) is Chernobyl. Broadleaf grass grows throughout the European part of Russia and the CIS, also in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Wormwood is unpretentious, it is considered a weed, as it is found everywhere: near roads and paths, shores of ponds and streams, in summer cottages and forest edges, near garbage piles and landfills. Loves humidity and sunlight.

Propagated by seed and vegetatively. Belongs to the family Asteraceae, lives for several years. It grows up to 2 meters in height, with one main stem of brown color with a red-violet hue. Leaves grow on its both sides, on the front part they are dark green, on the inside they are white-gray. Only the lower leaves sit on the petioles.

The plant has a characteristic odor called “wormwood”: pungent, bitter and pungent. Fresh raw materials are not very pleasant for human smell.

The root system is strong, consists of several branched, rather thick and fleshy many-headed roots.

A lot of flowers are formed in the basket (from 20 to 40 pieces), their shade varies from red to yellow. Panicled inflorescence. Flowering begins in mid-summer and lasts until August. The fruits ripen in August and September. The seeds are finely ribbed, their color is marsh-brown.

What does wormwood look like

Useful and healing properties of Chernobyl

A rather neglected attitude towards the plant has developed, but ordinary wormwood can cure many diseases. This is due to the chemical composition in which ascorbic acid, esters, coumarin, carotene and phytosterol are present.

The plant has a number of useful properties:

  • stimulates the liver and other organs of the digestive system and intestinal tract;
  • tones up;
  • perfectly calms the nervous system (therefore, wormwood is recommended as an additional treatment for alcoholism and epilepsy);
  • has a choleretic and laxative effect;
  • relieves parasites;
  • regenerates tissue cells;
  • stimulates the work of the uterus, used in gynecologists.
  • lowers temperature;
  • promotes better expectoration of sputum.

Collection and procurement of medicinal raw materials

  1. Typically, useful leaves are used leaves and stems of Chernobyl.
  2. The plant can not be washed before cooking, so the place of collection of medicinal raw materials must be chosen as environmentally friendly as possible. Automobile cities, parks and groves within the city limits, near factories and farms, and also near garbage canisters are not suitable.
  3. The beginning of flowering (July) is the best time to collect wormwood. Then it contains the largest amount of essential oils, and, accordingly, the beneficial components. Even during drying, they will remain.
  4. Late morning is the best time as the dew will dry out and drying will be faster. Wet raw materials can rot and deteriorate.
  5. The cutting tool should be very sharp. Separate only flowering tops no more than 20 cm long, since only tender stems that are not stiff are required.
  6. If you need some leaves, then you can collect them in June. Carefully cut them off without damaging the base.
  7. Like any other medicinal raw material, wormwood must be dried in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. Air circulation must be good and continuous.
  8. You will need paper or fabric, on which a plant is laid out in a thin layer.
  9. Properly dried wormwood turns green with a gray tint, the aroma is more subtle and spicy. The volume of raw materials is reduced by about a third.
  10. Chernobyl is suitable for use 24 months.

Harm and contraindications for common wormwood

Before using any medicine, contraindications and possible side effects should be carefully studiedthat may appear after use. This will help to get only benefits and avoid a possible negative effect.

  • individual intolerance;
  • pregnancy (pay attention to this point, since wormwood stimulates uterine contractions, its use can lead to miscarriage or premature birth!).

Overdose threatens with the following complications:

  • Irritation and inflammation of the gastric mucosa, leading to turbidity after eating, nausea and vomiting;
  • toxic hepatitis;

Therefore, before applying, the best solution is to consult with your doctor, he will correctly determine the dose and duration of the course of use.

Medicinal properties of wormwood

The use of Chernobyl in folk medicine

  1. Infusion for inflammation and cystitis. 40 g of crushed raw materials pour 250 m of boiling water. After 5 minutes, boil the mixture, cool and strain after 2 hours. Take 100 ml before meals.
  2. From an upset stomach or intestines. Place 20 g of wormwood for 90 minutes in a glass of boiling water. Drink 3 times a day 30 minutes before eating.
  3. With an irregular menstrual cycle. Brew 20 g of grass in 500 m of water, infuse the broth for 2 hours, clear of debris. Use 100 m every day.
  4. From sputum and lung diseases. 30 g of Chernobyl, cook for 10 minutes over low heat in dry wine (preferably white). Leave the brew for 2 hours, then strain. Drink 30 ml 5 times a day.
  5. To improve the digestive tract and normalize appetite. Fill 15 g of small raw materials with 300 ml of vodka, let it brew for 10 days in a dry, dark place, clean it. Prepare the solution 3 times a day before eating from 20 drops and 100 m of water.
  6. Grind the raw materials to a powdery state. Mix 1 teaspoon with the same amount of sugar. Eat the medicine before meals 3 times to strengthen the body and tone.
  7. From alcoholism. Mix wormwood, caraway and thyme in equal proportions. Pour water, let it brew for a week. Drink 100 ml 3 times a day.

Common wormwood in cooking and in everyday life

Our ancestors considered wormwood to be a magical plant that could scare off undead. They believed that it was enough to pronounce the word “wormwood” at the mermaids so that they shouted “You yourself will perish!” and fled in fear. Therefore, many, going to the forest, took with them branches of fresh grass, which will protect them from the evil eye and damage. Chernobyl was considered the patron saint of travelers. But on the other hand, the plant carried a notoriety. Wormwood was one of the herbs that witches included in mixtures for "flying" potions. Burning bouquets were fumigated at home, where they suffer from plague or cholera.

Today it can be used as a mosquito, flea and bug repeller. It is enough to hang 2-3 bunches around the room and then insects and parasites will not bother you and your pets.

In cooking, absinthe is widely known - a drink that insists on wormwood. It acquires hallucinogenic properties and is now banned in some countries of the world. Absinthe was preferred by many writers, especially those who wrote in the genre of Gothic and horror - Lovecraft and Poe.

How to make wormwood tea

Include wormwood and seasonings. Many people do not like the fresh aroma of the plant, but the dried plant acquires more exotic notes, therefore, from ancient times, powder from the Chernobyl was added to porridge. And today, French cooks include it in their dishes, considering the ordinary wormwood to be truly Russian seasoning.

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