Brick gazebos: photo - simple and beautiful

Usually summer cottages are built of wood or brick. With the utmost effort, both materials make a wonderful structure that provides a comfortable stay. Wood is easier to process, cheaper, but does not last long. A brick building will cost more, however, subject to construction technology, a beautiful gazebo will last for many years. When making a choice between these two options, brick gazebos are more reliable, and it is worth stopping at them.

Advantages of brick gazebos

The advantages of wood are undeniable, and this must be admitted. Wood craftsmen are able to beautifully carve each element of the gazebo. Drawings of wooden structures are simple and clear even for a novice builder. However, brick also has its advantages, and we will now look at them:

  • The main advantage of brick gazebos is their durability. If the correct design of the gazebo was originally made, and a solid foundation was laid, then such a structure will be enough for the owner of the dacha for a lifetime.
  • In brick gazebos, it is typical to build a cooking device inside. The easiest way is to fold the barbecue grill or buy a ceramic grill. If you want to equip a vacation spot on a grand scale, then it is better to make a Russian stove. In addition to the traditional barbecue grill, you can install a cauldron on it, build a smokehouse, lay countertops, etc.
  • Summer awnings, of course, we all build from wood. They do not need complex drawings, as well as professional construction skills. However, the wood will have to be treated with antiseptics, impregnations or simply painted every year. The same procedure is needed if the gazebo is welded from metal. The possibility of using facing bricks with a decorative texture saves the owner from subsequent finishing work. The walls of the constructed gazebo only need to be treated with a hydrophobic impregnation.
  • If the owner does not have money for a decorative brick, do not despair. An ordinary white or red brick will go to the construction of the gazebo. In the future, the walls can be faced with decorative stone. It is important to understand that brickwork is in perfect harmony with wrought iron elements and wood. For example, on the pillars, you can use decorative stone as decoration, and build low racks from wood, installed on a brick parapet.
  • A brick gazebo can be equipped as a full-fledged room. In such structures, blank walls with glazing, powerful columns, floors, a Russian stove with a fireplace, etc. are acceptable. For such a building, you will definitely need a project and complex drawings.

You can build any type of gazebo out of brick for a summer residence. The simplest model can be a four-pillar structure with a pitched roof. It does not even require drawing drawings, but for a complex structure, you will have to develop a project.

Attention! All projects of brick gazebos posted on the Internet are for informational purposes only.

When building a serious structure, builders independently make accurate calculations and make their own additions. In fact, a project taken from the Internet is a sketch. A gazebo built according to such a drawing may turn out to be unreliable or poorly fit into the design of the yard.

Study projects

Now we will offer typical designs of brick gazebos for review. All drawings are correct, but experienced builders must calculate the dimensions of the structure individually.

In the photo, brick gazebos are presented in hexagonal and rectangular shapes. For any suburban building, a roof is erected from a complex rafter system that requires a separate calculation.

Advice! Even if they decided to build a brick gazebo according to one of the projects presented while maintaining all sizes, it is better to entrust the calculation of the roof to specialists.

The main stages of the construction of a brick gazebo

A brick-built gazebo with your own hands should harmoniously fit into the architectural buildings of the country courtyard. It is important that during the development of its project, the following were taken into account: the relief of the site, the composition and depth of soil freezing, the level of underground water layers.

Choosing the type of foundation

It is necessary to build a foundation for a brick gazebo at the same time as the base for a barbecue or a Russian stove. At this stage, it is immediately important to think about how the floors will be made. The best option for a brick building is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab foundation. The base is a reinforcing frame, filled with concrete with crushed stone. The slab serves as a ready-made support for walls, pillars, barbecue or stove. In addition, finished floors are immediately obtained in the room. All that remains is to lay the tiles or other selected material on the slab.

Important! If the level of occurrence of underground water layers coincides with the depth of soil freezing, then in spring, with the onset of heat, heaving occurs. The wrong type of foundation chosen will lead to the destruction of the brickwork.

On highly mobile soils, only piles can be an alternative to a concrete slab. However, you will not be able to make such a foundation on your own. For pile driving, special equipment is required. On top of the protruding piles, it is additionally necessary to pour a grillage from concrete. This shallow type of strip foundation will take a lot of materials, and floors cannot be equipped on it. Again, there will be additional costs.

Nevertheless, in the case of moving soil, it is better to stop at a monolithic slab. A shallowly buried base is not afraid of heaving, it can be flooded in an area with a high location of groundwater, and thanks to a powerful reinforcing frame, the slab will withstand the heavy brick walls of a gazebo with a Russian stove.

Advice! The monolithic slab serves as an ideal foundation for a closed gazebo. When using it in winter, the floors can be insulated with a heating cable or infrared foil.

If the dacha is located on an area with stationary soil, and there are no high occurrences of groundwater, you can build a brick gazebo on a strip foundation. It is poured along the perimeter of walls, brick structures for cooking, parapets. The floors are laid on logs. A composite or simple wood board is suitable. Alternatively, chipboard is fixed on top of the logs, and then ceramic tiles are laid.

If the structure consists of some columns like a canopy, you can do without a foundation at all. In the place where the pillars will stand, holes are dug, a sand and gravel cushion is poured, and pedestals are erected on a cement mortar from bricks. Continuing up the brickwork, the columns of the gazebo are formed, supporting the roof.

The foundation itself, like the pillars, can be erected from used bricks, and the columns can be veneered with decorative stone on top.

We erect columns

The columns of the brick arbor must be erected with internal reinforcement. The thickness and number of metal elements depends on the cross-section of the support. As a reinforcing frame, four reinforcement rods are used, concreted inside the column masonry.

The easiest way is to lay brick pillars around a rack made of a metal pipe or profile. It is buried 80 cm into the ground even before the foundation is poured with concrete. A sand and gravel cushion is poured under the rack, after which it is concreted in the pit simultaneously with pouring the slab or strip base.

When using a pile foundation, metal columns for reinforcing columns are welded to a steel head. It is put on each pile, previously leveled. Alternatively, a channel can be horizontally welded to the steel pile head. In this case, you get a platform like a strip foundation. On it, you can lay out the walls of the gazebo or weld vertical pillars from the pipe, and surround it with bricks.

Columns can be given any design. They can be lined with cobblestone or facing bricks. When using old materials, the pillars are finished with facing stone. It is allowed even to use wooden racks as reinforcement. In this case, only part of the column is covered with brickwork, and its upper part near the roof remains wooden. To add beauty, the wood is painted to match the color of the roof.

You can combine brickwork with any materials. There are no special requirements here, and it all depends on the personal preferences of the owner. The main thing is to avoid technological errors when building a brick gazebo on your own. A solid foundation is good. However, for the strength of the brickwork, a reinforcing mesh is embedded every 5 rows.

Glazing of a brick gazebo

For a winter holiday in the country, a closed brick gazebo with glazed openings is best suited. A simple glazing option is to use old window frames. For their installation in the building, additional jumpers are provided. The disadvantage of window frames is the rapid decay of wood. Double-glazed windows will help to make a modern recreation area out of closed bricks. They will not only protect the room from the wind, but also save heat. To keep it cool in the summer in the glazed building, blinds are placed on the windows or curtains are hung.

In the summer version, frameless glazing is used to protect the gazebos from wind and mosquitoes. Large-sized glass is installed between the columns on a profile located under the ceiling and along the floor. If necessary, the glass can be opened by sliding it sideways along the profile.

To fix the glass, there are aluminum profiles with a rubber seal. The connection is so tight that this technology is even suitable for glazing the roof of a gazebo.

Important! For glazing brick arbors, it is optimal to use tempered or reinforced glass sheets. The replacement can be transparent polycarbonate or plexiglass.

Brick gazebo roof

A brick gazebo is a serious building, and the roof for it needs to be made attractive. As for the shape, it is better to dwell on one of the types of hipped roof with a slope angle of 30about... It is advisable to choose a roofing material that is not heavy, suitable for the style of a brick structure. Most often, ondulin, soft tiles, corrugated board or metal tiles are used.

The video tells about the construction of a gazebo with your own hands:

A brick gazebo will not be completely comfortable without communications. In addition to lighting, water supply and sewerage are laid in the recreation room. If the brick gazebo is glazed, then you can put good furniture inside and hang a TV on the wall.

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