Lepiota serrate (Umbrella serrate): description and photo

Lepiota serrate (Umbrella serrate): description and photo

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Lepiota serrata is one of the types of mushrooms that should not fall into the basket of a lover of "quiet hunting". It has a lot of synonymous names. Among them are serrated umbrella, pinkish lepiota, and also incarnate. Latin name Lepiota subincarnata.

The genus lepiota is slightly smaller in size than umbrella mushrooms. But the characteristics are identical. They belong to saprophytes, in other words, they contribute to the decomposition of plant debris.

What serrata lepiots look like (serrated umbrellas)

In order for the description of serrata lepiota to be complete, one should dwell on all parts of the mushroom, having considered in detail the parameters of each:

  1. Hat. The pinkish lepiota has a small cap, only 2 -5 cm. The shape can be flat-outstretched or convex-outstretched. At the same time, the edges are slightly bent inward, and the surface is covered with cherry-brown scales. They are quite dense and cover the entire cap. The color of the hat is pink ocher. The pulp has an unpleasant odor and taste. The thickness of the pulp is medium, the color is white.
  2. The plates of the serrated lepiota are creamy, with a shade of light green. Wide, frequent, loose.
  3. The leg is cylindrical, high (2-5 cm) and thin (0.8-1 mm). The lower part of the leg is slightly thickened and colored dark gray. The upper part is white. Semi-noticeable fibrous ring, located in the middle. The color of the leg changes at the location of the ring.
  4. The spores of the pinkish lepiota are white.

    Important! If you find a serrated umbrella, it is not recommended to pick it up.

Where serrata lepiots grow

The distribution area is not so small. Serrated umbrellas can be found throughout the European territory, Russia, Kazakhstan. For their growth, mushrooms prefer grass in a clearing in a forest or meadow. They love moisture and light, so they like open places more. Fruiting begins in mid-June, lasts all summer, and ends in the last days of August.

Is it possible to eat serrata lepiots

There is only one answer to this question - absolutely not. You shouldn't even taste the mushroom. The cyanide content in pinkish lepiota is so high that the species is classified as deadly poisonous. The ingress of a small particle of the fruiting body into the human body leads to very serious problems.

Poisoning symptoms

The cause of poisoning with a serrated umbrella is the concentration of the toxic substance cyanide. Incarnate lepiota has a damaging effect on the cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary, nervous, immune, genitourinary, digestive systems, liver and pancreas.

The main manifestations of serrata lepiota poisoning will be:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • violation of the heart rhythm;
  • dizziness;
  • convulsions;
  • dry mouth, thirst;
  • cold extremities;
  • hearing or vision impairment;
  • change in the state of consciousness or its loss.

The first symptoms may appear within half an hour after umbrella poisoning. The time depends on the sensitivity of the organism and the number of eaten specimens of incarnate lepiota.

First aid for poisoning

The most effective thing is to call a medical team. But at the same time, you should begin to remove toxins from serrata lepiota from the body:

  1. Take a large drink to wash out the stomach. Clean water at room temperature, saline solution (1 tbsp. Table salt per 1 glass of water), mustard powder solution (1 tsp. Per 1 glass of water) are suitable. It is imperative to induce vomiting.
  2. With indomitable vomiting, the amount of fluid in the body should be replenished so that there is no dehydration. To do this, it is necessary to give a person a good drink with warm black tea.
  3. Place heating pads at your feet. In no case should you put a heating pad on your stomach before the arrival of specialists. This is an important condition in order not to harm. After all, these symptoms can be caused not only by poisoning.
  4. Give the patient a laxative. This item is skipped if the victim has diarrhea.
  5. After the end of the washing procedure, drink activated charcoal or Sorbex.
  6. Closely monitor the patient's condition. If his blood pressure drops or he loses consciousness, then the vigorous activity of washing the stomach should be stopped. Especially if he suffers from hypotension.

Important! Even with a visible improvement in the condition, it is impossible to refuse qualified assistance before the arrival of the doctor.

Poisoning with serrata lepiota does not go away by itself. The poison is absorbed into the bloodstream and continues to damage the internal organs. Therefore, the delivery of tests or other methods that will be prescribed by a doctor will have to be performed strictly.


Lepiota serrata is a poisonous mushroom. Therefore, studying the description of external characteristics and photos will help to avoid health problems.

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