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In the diaper from which it is more convenient to dive

In the diaper from which it is more convenient to dive

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Friends, tell me, who has already dived, which is more convenient: in diapers from plastic bags or from a backing?


As you are comfortable and looking. What to dive.

I did differently, as Julia says experiment. Now I observe, drawing conclusions

Definitely a substrate! And I have plastic glasses. I like the removable bottom, but there is no talk about them

The diaper is very convenient to wrap. I liked the substrate, if you immediately put

I took two cellophs on the diapers. Package.

In the diaper conveniently take up less space.

In cellophane, more seedlings will fit in a box

Yesterday I wrapped half in diapers, today I want the rest in glasses

I make cups of plastic film, which is tougher, twisting it onto the template with paint out (from under milk, seedlings, bread, branded store bags, etc.). There is a video on my page how I do it.

And in my diapers, for some reason, the tomatoes disappeared, as my mother says, “suction”.

I peaked in diapers from the substrate. But they are hot. It is best to dive into bags with clasps. They are of different sizes. Top (I turn the clasp out, so the cup turns out. I don’t make holes below. Everything is visible and it’s clear when you need to water it.

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