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Why tomato seedlings disappear

Why tomato seedlings disappear

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Why does tomato seedlings disappear?


Show a photo. So hard to understand the reason.

It’s not with me, but with my mother. There is no photo for this. The root dries, the earth is not dry and not flooded. Why this happens is not clear, maybe the earth itself is bad

There are no mice. Maybe in the ground.

It’s bad without a photo. Not seeing seedlings is difficult to tell.

No mice

Here is a photo

Here is a photo,

Add earth, very small bowls.

Very often a little land is sown, between plants at least 1 cm, then there will be strong seedlings, and now it is too early to sow, they lack light.

Well, judging by the photo. I agree with friends. Small How are yogurt glasses ?. And how do you water. If you overmoisten. Stroke can get sick. A black leg appears. They are falling. Pull out the one that fell. Look at the leg. And another option. The seedlings stretched out.

Sprinkle with sand calcined in the oven. I still mix with ash. From the black leg is wonderful. I treat all the mushrooms for prevention, maybe once I almost lost seedlings. It’s a bacopa and every bush sprinkled with sand

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