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Is it possible to plant bitter and sweet pepper in a snail

Is it possible to plant bitter and sweet pepper in a snail

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Good day! I planted sweet and bitter peppers in the snail. Tell me, is this a mistake or it's okay, but when picking pepper I will put them in a separate tray.


The main thing is to plant far away in the garden so that they do not gather dust.

The worst thing is if he’s already blooming at home, you can’t plant it nearby

You can’t plant it nearby if you are going to collect seeds later, and if there’s no, then nothing is wrong. Every year I plant together bitter and sweet.

Well then all the peppers will be bitter.

The pepper will not be bitter, but from the seeds of this pepper the pepper may be bitter next year.

I had Gorky from the first mistake.

I was advised to think so - you can’t, but I will try the whole pepper was sweet

Give it a try!

I planted pepper both bitter and sweet. The beds were nearby. Sweet pepper was sweet. And I do not collect seeds from it. I plant new varieties every time. I am looking for a good one for our climate. I live in Belarus.

I also got dusty and everything became bitter 🙁

And we had a bad experience, all became bitter (

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