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Features of growing Bull's heart

Features of growing Bull's heart

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A neighbor in the country advised me to plant Bull-hearted cabbage. But I can’t understand whether the weather last year wasn’t very good, or I did something wrong. Heads of cabbage grew up, though beautiful, but they were small, greenish in color. I tried to grow them a little more, but they began to crack and at what very much. Can anyone grow this variety and tell me what is the reason? What are the features of growing this variety of cabbage? What should be the average mass of cabbage goers and is it worth spending time, place and energy at all?


Often the cause of cracking cabbage is improper watering, especially since it is still an earlier variety than the average. And such cabbage only watered a little more and its growth period came out, and cracked right away. It is best for cabbage to provide uniform watering, taking into account weather conditions. The second reason may be its overriding. You had to shoot it earlier. Personally, I would not advise you to grow this variety of cabbage, try to plant hybrids, there will be more benefits from them

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