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The best options for vertical beds and flower beds in the country and garden

Today, there are many ways to grow a variety of crops in the country. But every day, skilled and ideological summer residents come up with newer and more ways to save space and optimize their own labor on the site. One of the results of this work are vertical beds and flower beds.

We have repeatedly talked about creating vertical plantings of plants and choosing classical methods for them, but today we decided to present you new and even more interesting options that can not only make your work more convenient, but also help to decorate and diversify the landscape of a summer cottage.

So, we present to you our findings and creations that shook the “green world” and turned upside down the perception of many summer residents about saving space and vertical plantings.

Vertical planting in plastic pipes

There are some good ideas about using plastic pipes to grow, say, strawberries, greens, flowers. We will consider each of them so that you can independently determine the most suitable for you.

Planting plants in a single pipe

To realize this idea, it is necessary to take a plastic pipe under the sewer, 2.5 m long. A third of this pipe will be immersed in the ground so that the structure has good stability, and 2/3 will perform useful work on growing crops.

So, one part of the pipe remains solid, along the rest of the length we need to make holes with a diameter of 2-3 cm. After that, the pipe sinks about 70-80 cm into the prepared hole and digs in, and a fertile substrate underneath is poured into the existing hole above a certain kind of plant. Planting occurs in two ways - the seeds wake up in the pipe along with the substrate and germinate through the holes, or they land in the finished holes after installing the pipe.

In the second planting method, seedlings can be grown. In addition, it should be borne in mind that on the bed you can arrange several dozen such pipes, or even create a fence from them.

The advantages of this idea are high saving of free space, saving water during irrigation (on top of the pipe), even distribution of nutrients to all plants during fertilizing (fertilizing with watering), good crop quality (which does not touch the soil and does not rot), other things.

Growing strawberries on vertical beds

Planting plants in a double pipe

The design of the double pipe practically does not differ from the one described above, but has some additional advantages. For the construction of a vertical bed, it will be necessary to install a pipe of a smaller diameter in the already installed wide pipe in order to provide more uniform watering. To do this, along its entire length, up to the edge, which will abut against the soil below, make small holes for water supply. After installing the pipe in the pipe, the substrate and seeds wake up in the cavity of the wide pipe, or there is an external planting of seedlings. In addition, in this case, it will be possible to use simple garden land, if at the planting stage it is not possible to prepare a special substrate.

The advantage of growing plants in these ways can safely be considered the storage of plants in the winter. You can simply remove the pipes from the soil without disturbing the structure of the plants, lay them in stacks and insulate them for wintering. In the spring, when the heat arrives, the pipes are again installed in the soil and bring the crop.

A hanging bed of pipes in your garden

To create the next type of beds, we take all the same pipes under the sewer and cut them lengthwise into two equal parts. Having received the gutters, we set the restrictive elements on the edges and hang our creation on the visor, tree branch, pergola, part of the gazebo. This can be done with a rope, rope, steel wire or even a strong fishing line. The number of levels of construction can be chosen independently, as well as the length of the beds, the substrate for filling, the number of plant species.

It is also very convenient that you will not spend a lot of money and time creating such flower beds, and you will be able to decorate the site with new products that can ensure the convenience and high quality of growing fresh greenery or bright flowers.

Vertical tiered flowerbed of tires

Growing plants in wheels - this is what the summer residents of this model most often call. She is known to many, but today we decided to recall her.

To build a vertical bed of old tires, we need a little time, 3-5 tires of the same or different diameter, fertile soil or a special substrate and, in fact, the plants that are chosen for planting.

Here, everything is simple for us - we line up the tires in a vertical figure, successively falling asleep inside the substrate, and planting them inside the plant, with seeds or seedlings. Landing methods for each summer resident are different, and therefore you can choose your own. The simplest is the planting of flowers in the tires when the seeds wake up in the substrate itself. A more complex way is a multi-level planting of different plants, due to which you can build an original decorative flowerbed. The most complex garden is considered a multi-level planting of fruit crops, such as strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and others. To do this, holes are cut into the tires, into which plant seedlings are subsequently planted.

It is noteworthy that this method not only saves space and diversifies the landscape design of the cottage, but can also help to grow a quality crop.

Decorative bed from old furniture

If at the dacha there is an old table with drawers, a chest of drawers or even kitchen furniture, you can always use it, so to speak, past its direct purpose, thereby decorating the territory and bringing into it many interesting points.

For example, an old table with drawers ... an unnecessary piece of furniture can be an excellent garden bed, a design for a vertical flowerbed. To do this, you just need to put the furniture in order and protect it with special compounds to protect the wood, and then pull out the drawers a little, fix them and create nice flower beds.

As you can see, everything is very simple, and now you just have to fill the boxes with earth and plant flowers or even fresh greens, taking into account all the rules of agricultural technology.

Thus, you not only decorate the territory, but also give a second chance to old furniture, which until recently you just wanted to throw away.

Vertical gardening on a grid

An interesting option for creating flower beds and beds of this type can be a construction from a building grid, which can be done independently. So, a vertical garden bed with your own hands with the help of a grid, which is available at each summer cottage.

We know several ways at once that will help you complete a similar project:

  • A bed in a special design. You can make it simple, for example, roll the mesh into a pipe of the required diameter. When this form is ready, you need to lay straw under the walls, and fill the rest of the space with compost. In such a container, several types of crops can be grown at once, for example, potatoes and annual flowers. It should only be clearly understood that many crops are not recommended to be grown in one soil;
  • Mesh vertical stand. To build a stand from a grid, you can take as a basis the grid itself and dense polyethylene. We immediately warn that due to the fragility of such materials, the design will live no more than a few years, but this is quite enough, especially considering the minimum investment in beauty. You need to install the grid, choosing a shape, put several layers of polyethylene inside, between which spill the substrate. Of course, it won’t work to grow strawberries or tomatoes in this way, but it’s very easy to arrange original flower beds throughout the site;
  • Mesh stand for hanging plants. Also, you can create a stand for small drawers and pots, in which, for example, seedlings or greens are grown. For this mission, you will need a thicker mesh to support the weight of all plants installed on it. Further, you can place on its plane absolutely any plants in small mass pots.

Vertical flower beds from pots

Many of us have seen the most diverse figures built from flower pots. And, what is most interesting, the vast majority of them are made by their own skillful summer residents. You can easily enter one of them, as long as you pay attention to the following idea.

So, we build vertical beds from flower pots.

The first method is very simple, because we will use 5-6 pots and a piece of reinforcement 100-120 cm long for its implementation.

Initially, the reinforcement is clogged into the soil at the installation site, approximately halfway. Next, the first pot is put on the armature. It is filled with soil after installation in the desired position. Next, the plant is planted, the next pot is put on, filled with soil and populated by the plant. This happens until you install the pots to the edge of the reinforcement.

The only difficulty is to correctly calculate the mass of pots and soil inside, so that the structure does not collapse. To do this, it is recommended to use a light substrate and small plastic containers.

The second way to work with flower pots is more interesting, since the figure can be not only vertical, but also voluminous. To create a new small architectural form in the landscape of the cottage, we choose an old tree that does not bear fruit and which can be partially removed. We remove dry and long branches from it, leaving only the shaped trunk. It is with him that we will work further.

On the trunk and main branches we place light plastic pots that can be screwed onto screws or special trims. Next, fill the pots with the substrate and plant inside the plant, preferably bright flowers. As a result, spending only a dozen and a half pots and seedlings or flower seeds, you get an unusual decoration of the garden, which no one in the district has.

We create vertical beds from the bag

Old bags, briefcases and ordinary bags may not be the most durable, but certainly the most remarkable containers for planting plants.

Such accessories, which can be hung almost anywhere, are performed quickly enough and become a very creative decoration of the territory, especially if you carefully work with the style. The only thing you should choose plants that do not really like moisture, so that you do not have to water them often and thereby reduce the life of the hanging beds.

The simplest such accessory can be made from a piece of burlap or a finished bag of small sizes. Inside, place a bag of dense polyethylene and fasten it with burlap brackets to set several levels of soil inside. Otherwise, the soil will crumble to the very bottom and the bag will take a not very pretty shape. It is also worth making holes on the back of the bag so that the moisture does not stagnate, and the roots of the planted plants have the opportunity to ventilate.

After the formation of the cavity of the bag, it wakes up with compost or a dry substrate, and is also planted by plants that freely tolerate drought.

If you are able to choose the right plants for planting, installing a plastic bag inside will be an optional condition, because many plants will take root much better without it.

How to make a vertical bed with your own hands

Choosing a diverse decor for a summer cottage, and studying ideas like ours, focus on the availability and practicality of accessories that you can do with your own hands. We recommend reading the article on the freesia aristocrat.