Strawberry Jam: all the nuances of cooking according to the most delicious recipes

Strawberry Jam: all the nuances of cooking according to the most delicious recipes

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The most delicious greetings from the summer - a jar of fragrant strawberry jam. If you have not yet been able to find your perfect recipe for this treat, use our tips.

Do not trust the know-it-alls who will assure that there are no vitamins in strawberry jam. And although, indeed, the heat treatment deprives the berries of their original composition, the dessert will have fiber, mineral salts, as well as beta-carotene and organic acids. Therefore, the delicacy will be both tasty and healthy. And you need to start the cooking process with the selection of berries.

How to choose berries

Pour the berries onto the table: we need to see what we have. We sort the strawberries by size, the bunch where the berries are small will come in handy. For jam, this size is the most optimal. Little strawberry keeps its shape well, and our jam will not turn into a shapeless jelly-like mass.

Be sure to remove the berries with rotten places, overripe and, conversely, immature. Remove the corollas from the strawberries. Berries should not be washed in a sieve, but in a basin. So we injure them less. Pour handfuls of strawberries on a towel, now only drying remains, it takes several hours.

Cooking preparation

And here everything should be on the shelves! Pre-cook dishes for jam. It is better to wash the jars directly with soap, after rinsing thoroughly. Next, the banks will need to be put in the oven. First, we line the baking sheet with a clean towel, and do not put the cans upside down. Place the baking sheet in the oven, heated to one hundred degrees, half an hour before the jam is cooked.

Better to cook in an enameled basin, large enough in size. The dish is stirred during cooking with wooden spatulas.

Lids also need to be boiled in just a few minutes.

General cooking rules

And although there are a lot of recipes, there are some points to help the hostess that are true for all cooking options:

  • Strawberries are covered with sugar, if it is not planned to cook it, as they say, immediately after collection from the garden, and in most recipes, aging in sugar is required.
  • Beet sugar is sweeter than cane sugar, if you take the latter, put it a little more.
  • There should not be a green coating in the cookware (these are poisonous oxidations).
  • Yellow sugar and refined sugar are not suitable for dessert.
  • The foam must be constantly removed with a spoon, without touching the berries.
  • Once again, it’s better not to stir the jam, but just shake it, this will keep the berries intact.
  • The finished treat is poured into dry sterilized jars, they are rolled up with tin varnished lids.
  • You can roll up cans with nylon caps, but you will have to store it exclusively in a cold place.

Recipe Options

Here are three popular recipes.

Recipe 1. Five Minute

For strawberries, this will be a method involving long-term cooling. By choosing this method, you will get a beautiful jam with dense and whole berries.


  • berries - 1 kg
  • sugar - 1.1 -1.2 kg
  • water - 1.5 l
  1. Over medium heat, cook the jam in the usual way until a foam forms. But the foam is not removed! We extinguish the fire, shake the container for cooking, we need all the berries to soak in the juice.
  2. We start cooking again after an hour. Bring to a boil again, boil again for several minutes, do not remove the foam. Turn off the gas. Shake, try to soak the berries with juice.
  3. The third time we cook in a day. Bring to a boil over low heat, boil for a minute, turn off, do not remove the foam. Shake.
  4. We do the same in another hour. And after another hour.
  5. For the sixth time we cook again in a day. The same pattern: a quiet fire, boil for 1 minute, turn off. We do not remove foam.
  6. After the seventh cooking, we try. If ready, pour into jars; if not, cook again, after an hour.

This recipe provides everything for perfect jam: the aroma will be brighter, the berries are whole, dense, the syrup is tender and pleasing to the eye.

Recipe 2. French Strawberry


  • 950 g strawberries (large)
  • 650-700 g of sugar (sand)
  • 100 g lemon

We spread strawberries in a basin, we fill with sugar. Strawberry infused 12 hours. We rinse the lemon, pour the juice from it into the syrup, which has already formed in a bowl with strawberries. Cook this mass over low heat, bring to a boil, reduce heat and boil for another five minutes. Now the mixture in the basin should be cooled to 50 degrees. The syrup must be drained into a separate container and boiled for 35-40 minutes, remove the foam. In the syrup, which has already thickened, add the berries and boil for another five minutes. Pour into sterile, preferably small jars. Roll up.

Recipe 3. Classic Strawberry Jam


  • berries - 1 kg
  • sugar - 1 kg

We shift the berries into the basin, add half a kilo of sugar and insist in a cold place for 7 hours. After the juice is drained, we combine it with the remaining half a kilo of sugar. Stir the juice with sugar, put on a small fire, bring to a boil. We introduce candied strawberries into the syrup, cook over low heat, shaking and removing foam.

Bring to readiness, remove from heat, cool, pour into jars. Roll up.

Storage rules

It is most reasonable to keep a treat in a dark and cool place. If it is rolled up correctly, its shelf life will reach five years.

Jam in jars with nylon caps is stored only in the refrigerator.

We advise you to make several jars of presents by pouring strawberry jam in beautiful glass containers, wrapping the lid with a thick elegant napkin and bandaging it with a thin ribbon. Going to visit, the best sign of attention can not be found!

Do not forget that jam mixes can be surprisingly tasty, so strawberry jam with apricots or with bananas and strawberries has been especially popular recently. If you are not a fan of very sweet treats, in recipes that indicate 1 kg of sugar, reduce this figure to 700 g.

Summer aroma and gentle taste to your strawberry jam!

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