How to grow avocados in your area

How to grow avocados in your area

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Olga asks the question: "Is it possible to grow avocados on your site or in the winter garden?"


We answer how to make sure to grow such an exotic fruit.

Growing on the site

In order to enjoy the fruits of avocado, you should follow a few rules:

  • It is better to grow avocado trees in the open air, in good light, because only in this way they will give a good harvest. The trees themselves can also form in the shade.
  • The soil for avocados should be loose, rich in humus. It should be noted that the trees do not tolerate "bogging", so care must be taken not to overfill them. The soil must be loosened as often as possible to enrich it with oxygen.
  • Avocado trees are very fragile, so you need to think about how to protect them from the wind. In open ground, avocados grow only in tropical climates, but in Russia this plant is not common. Its cultivation is possible only in the south.
  • For Central Russia, frost-resistant varieties of avocados are suitable. Arranging trees is best in sunny areas or on well-drained soil. You can plant a plant both directly in the soil and in a container. At temperatures below -7 degrees, plants are transferred to a winter garden or to a greenhouse.
  • Avocado grows very quickly, so you should take care of pots or other containers in advance to transplant them.
  • The need for watering appears when you see that the earth is dry. The tree does not need additional plentiful watering. The plant is fed with complex fertilizers every 4 years.
  • Another feature that should be taken into account is the difficulty with the pollination process. The thing is that stigmas and anthers develop at different times. In view of this, make sure that plants of various "sexual" groups are planted at the same time. Of great importance in this matter is the growing area. So, in the Caucasus, favorable conditions for self-pollination are noted. As a result, from one tree you can collect up to 500 fruits.
  • The fetus does not feel well in the hollows, because of this it should be grown only on non-steep slopes.

Features of growing in the winter garden

Among other things, avocados can be grown in the winter garden, because there you can create all the favorable conditions for its growth. Your plant will be protected from sudden changes in temperature and will bear fruit better. The fruits ripen within six months, their weight reaches no more than 200 grams. The ripening period in our area is from October to November. The first crop can be harvested only after 3-4 years. Mature trees give a very good harvest.

If you decide to set up a whole garden, trees should be planted according to a 5x6 or 6x6 meter pattern. At the same time, specimens can be both single and belong to different groups. The root system must be closed. Pits are prepared in advance. Do not forget to adhere to the timing of planting and pay attention to the composition of near-root soil.

How to grow avocado at home

Growing an avocado is not so difficult. This can be done both on the site and in the conservatory. A little patience and you will feast on your first harvest.

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