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How to get rid of a worm in a pot

How to get rid of a worm in a pot

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Tell me, please, how to get rid of a worm in a pot?


Water the ground with water heated to 45 degrees. The worm should get to the surface, and then you will catch it)

Poor wormwood

Duck he will be alive)) to send him to another pot))

I would have even sheltered him. I agree even half

My worm ate a hefty bush of hibiscus ((unsuccessfully transplanted. Hibiscus at first grew not bad, and then began to wither away. The stamen died the death of the brave. And when she began to examine the lump of earth, she found a huge well-fed earthworm ((so my opinion is that they live in open ground and not in our pots

Put the flower in a container and pour it with a solution of potassium permanganate, they will begin to come out.

Let him live, he loosens the earth

in a bucket of water completely for a couple of hours, he will come out!

He not only loosens it, but also actively supplies mucus. The fertile earth turns into clay (((

Earthworm ennobles the soil! He has calcareous glands that turn infertile land into fertile land. But the fact is that in the pot the poor fellow has nothing to eat except the roots. When my greens begin to wither away, I first of all check for the presence of this guest, since I never use the purchased land

Thanks a lot to everyone for the advice !!!!

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