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How to organize a vacation in the country in spring and summer: the best ideas

How to organize a vacation in the country in spring and summer: the best ideas

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In anticipation of the warm season, it makes sense to think not only about working in a summer cottage, but also about interesting vacations and events that can be held in private areas. Therefore, today we decided to distract from the ordinary, and discuss the best holiday in the country in spring and summer.

Not so long ago, we raised a similar topic and talked about how to spend time in the country in the winter. It turns out that even at a time of gloom, cold weather and icicles on the roofs, there is a great opportunity to forget about everything and enjoy the white, fluffy snow, amuse the children, and even forget about temporal cares for a while. Now it's time to think ahead and determine what exactly we will do in the summer. Of course, first of all, cottage construction, repair of buildings, soil preparation and planting, new greenhouses and arbors, landscape design and so on. But we always have a little time for a wonderful vacation, and you can’t spend these moments just reading the newspaper in the shade of a young garden or evening tea, there are much more interesting events.

So, we create our own TOP of pleasant moments, and we ask you to supplement it in the comments to the article, because it is quite realistic that you have your own set of really cool ideas.

Passive activities in the country for relaxation

Cooking barbecue in the country

Kebab or grilled meat, aromatic vegetables on the grill or fish steak - all of us like it all. Therefore, we remind you that right now, before it is too late, it is worth starting the construction of a barbecue, barbecue oven or even a smokehouse, in which you can always cook a lot of goodies.

Do not forget that for fresh and hot meat it is always worth having not only a quality cooking recipe, but also high-quality tomatoes for sauce and fragrant greens - onions, parsley and dill for seasoning.

Rest in the pool in the country

After a hard day in the garden or in the garden, you can always take a tonic cottage shower, but it’s much nicer just to rinse under a warm stream of water, and spend time already in the pool, where fresh fruits lie on an air mattress nearby, and a refreshing cocktail floats nearby in a special accessory. Of course, you can point out that these are dreams, original, but unrealizable, but if you think so, then we offer you to read articles on pools at the cottage. It turns out that it is not at all necessary to have a suitcase of money and build a pool for a million, it is enough to have desire and aspiration, because it helps to save yourself from the heat in the country house and relax even the less expensive pool. We suggest considering options for composite pools, frame and even inflatable pools.

Board and intellectual games in the country

We will not tempt you with preference and poker, since the excitement in the country should be directed only to the beds, but we are ready to offer a lot of interesting board games. Monopoly, business, scrabble, backgammon, chess and checkers ... for all this you need a place that is comfortable and cool, and you don’t want to go into the house to spend time pleasantly and usefully. Therefore, we again place emphasis on country needs. Useful in this case will be arbors, special canopies, closed swings and, of course, comfortable country furniture, plastic or wicker. Think about all this in advance, because in the summer, at a time of active weeding, watering, fertilizing and harvesting, it will definitely not be up to the organization, you will already want to have everything at hand.

Active activities in the country: tone and fun

Relaxing in the country is always good, especially if you are very tired. But if you came to the country just for relaxation, on a single day off, and the garden and garden are in perfect order? Of course, you will want more interesting processes, which we suggest you organize.

Paintball - an active game with physical activity

To relieve tension, sometimes, it is possible with even greater voltage. But working not with the brains and nerve cells, but with the muscles, which you relax in the evening by the barbecue or in the pool, you will truly enjoy.

We will start with paintball, since this game can involve the whole family and friends, adults and children. This is the so-called modern “war game”, only with special costumes, accessories, and even tasks, and what is important, absolutely peaceful.

Kits for outdoor activities can be purchased at the dealer network or rented, but the confrontation process can be arranged in the remote part of the cottage, in the old garden, near a reservoir or forest belt, if any are nearby.

Volleyball in the country

Lack of territory does not allow playing football, golf - expensive accessories and the lack of a special lawn, for basketball you need a playground and stands with rings, and for tennis - an expensive and professionally made court. Remains volleyball, which is liked by almost everyone.

We offer to play beach volleyball in the country, for which you do not need to specially equip a special coating and spend a lot of money. It is enough to bring a river sand machine to form a platform, which you can really order today for a penny, and buy a quality ball. That's all, you have a great game to warm up, have fun and throw adrenaline with energy. For caring parents this material will be useful.

The best vacation in the country

Games and fun in the country like children and adults, and correctly selected and well-thought-out events also help to spend your free time pleasantly, and sometimes even usefully. Choose an active holiday, but do not forget that there is still a whole season ahead for productive work in the country for the sake of harvesting.

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