DIY trash cans, urns and ashtrays

DIY trash cans, urns and ashtrays

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Buying a lot of cottage accessories involves serious waste, but today we are learning to save and manufacture some of them with our own hands. Garbage cans, urns and ashtrays for giving from improvised means - it is not as difficult as it might seem!

Of course, many are already used to using an old bucket instead of an urn, and a small glass jar instead of an ashtray. It is quite realistic that it is convenient and inexpensive, but only such devices do not have any kind, or rather, spoil many of our merits in design and decoration with their too simple appearance. That is why we decided to find a way to rectify the situation and tried a hand-made on ourselves, thereby learning how to make do-it-yourself bins and ashtrays for giving. Everything is very simple, and now we will tell you how to do such interesting things on your own without the big expense of finance and time.

Trash can from plastic bottles

You can make a trash can for use in the country from a variety of materials at hand, but we were most interested in the production of plastic bottles, which can be considered a free building component. That's right, because there are plenty of bottles at each cottage, they remain after water and drinks, after big gatherings, and you should not throw them away.

The first thing we need for production is a metal frame, which can be made of wire, aluminum plates, and even a metal profile for drywall. By and large, we need only 2-3 identical elements of oval, round or rectangular shape to build from them the base, top of the tank and the middle jumper. Having fitted all sizes and shapes, you can proceed to the next step.

To do this, we need 2-4 pieces of reinforcement or the previously mentioned profile. These metal elements are necessary to hold together the main parts and make racks. You can choose reinforcement and bandage it with ovals or circles with wire, or you can bend the U-shaped profile for drywall in one plane, and connect the racks from the profile with the main parts with clamps or even rivets.

When the frame of the homemade trash can is ready, we proceed to the final stage - we build the tank walls from plastic bottles.

So, for this we need steel wire, a nail, an assembly knife and pliers. First of all, we measure the pieces of wire along the height of the tank and cut them into account the fastening to the upper, middle and lower parts of the structure. The length of each piece should be 20-30 cm higher than the height of the future tank.

Next, with pliers we clamp the wire on the bottom of the tank, throwing several turns on the frame, put 1-2 bottles on the wire, making a hole in them with a nail, make several turns of fastening on the middle part of the frame, again a couple of bottles and now fastening to the top.

It is highly advisable to think in advance about the size, shape and color of the bottles so that chaos does not turn out. You can define a uniform pattern with bottles of the same displacement and color, or you can transform the craft a bit by choosing bright bottles.

Sequential fastening of the bottles and a good tightness of the wire, a snug fit of the bottles vertically and in rows to one another will ensure the high quality of a makeshift garbage can. Of course, after production it is worth remembering that it is not intended for heavy waste and burning garbage.

Such tanks can be created with a bottom and without a bottom, but today most of these urns and tanks are created without a bottom so that they do not have to be turned over during cleaning. It will be enough to simply raise them.

A small urn from an old bucket or barrel

Used tanks for liquid and bulk products should not be immediately identified in a landfill, because they can serve well also in the perimeter of a summer cottage. As an example, we would like to give old buckets and barrels that can be easily converted into bins and small garbage cans.

Any old bucket that is not too dilapidated, or has not rotted a barrel, can become a garbage bin in the gazebo, near the summer kitchen and so on. To do this, we don’t have to upgrade a lot of things, but just fit the tank in size, maybe patch up the old holes a bit, repaint it in a cheerful color and install it where necessary.

Buckets can serve almost immediately, but barrels often have to be cut a little, as they are too large. After carrying out the simplest reconstruction works, it is possible to cover the tank with building materials - plastic, wood, cardboard, preliminarily applying patches made of tin or aluminum sheet. That's all, now only painting in the desired color or a bright drawing in the style of design of the location.

DIY ashtrays do-it-yourself

Ashtrays in the country can be of two types - table and floor.

Making a tabletop ashtray

Each craftsman makes table ashtrays in his own way - he pours it from plaster, clay and other materials, cuts it out of wood or bamboo, cooks or rivets it from metal. We offer the simplest, almost minute option, which is already known to many. This is an ashtray from a beer can.

To make it, you will need an empty and clean tin can of beer or soda. Its top should be carefully cut with a knife, then, also carefully, but with scissors, dissolve the jar vertically into a certain number of strips, leaving a little depth at the bottom, just a few centimeters. Now you need to wrap the stripes down, rolling them into a kind of roll, and that's it - the tabletop ashtray is ready.

Production of floor ashtrays

With an outdoor ashtray for a summer residence, things are a little more complicated, but not so much. You can use for its manufacture an old milk can or even a piece of ventilation pipe from a large diameter stainless steel. With a can a little easier, because it is only worth throwing a removable fine mesh on it, say, from an old building sieve, that's all. Further, only a kind of decor, and the ashtray goes to its workplace. You will have to tinker with the pipe, since it will need to attach a bottom. But ingenuity also comes to the rescue, and we simply put inside the old bucket or its bottom neatly cut, which, abutting the edges into the inner circumference of the pipe, becomes the bottom. Now the mesh on the top and decorative decorations.

When working with metal molds and parts that need to be cut, we recommend that you be extremely careful and take all necessary safety measures, as unpleasant injuries are possible.

How to make an ashtray for a summer residence with your own hands

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural in the manufacture of such accessories, and therefore, as soon as there is a free minute or an urgent need for an urn, a trash can or an ashtray in the country, you can immediately start manufacturing and complete the project within an hour or two.

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